How Cartoon Characters Look Before Their Morning Coffee

Australian Illustrator Sam Milham created a fun series of illustration that shows the look of famous cartoon characters before their morning coffee. We have reached him to know more about his inspiration. Here what he had to say.
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How did you find your style? Has it changed since you started?
I’ve always been inspired by Ren and stimpy and Mambo graphics from Australia. I’ve always cartooned throughout my life.

What inspires you to create these amazing art work?
What inspires me is other artists that I follow who continuously push themselves to come up with great works each day.

How do you come up with new ideas? Do you have a process?
I come up with new ideas by thinking through some of my favorite cartoons and movies as a kid, to put my own sadistic twist on it.

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Most Challenging Aspect that comes through your work?
The most challenging aspect is finding enough time after work to post cartoon characters!

What are the future Plans?
The future plans are a book release and pushing the envelope further.

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