Kennewick School Board – Find Out How You Can Volunteer

The City of Kennewick School Board is one of the finest boards in the entire state of Washington. This board has an incredible responsibility to protect the students of Kennewick High School. They deserve to be in a safe, clean, and well-maintained environment. The city council and school board are one of the key components of the local government of Kennewick. They give many citizens a glaring opportunity to participate in the governance. Process so that they can collectively make a positive change in this state.

Kennewick School Board is also responsible for the management and oversight of all schools within its jurisdiction. They maintain and develop academic policies preserve learning resources and ensure. That the school environment fosters an enriching experience for students and parents. A strong education ensures a successful community. The school board works diligently to fulfill their obligations to each citizen within the community.

The role of the Kennewick School Board is not an easy task. It is up to each of their five members to ensure. That each of them uphold the public’s trust and confidence in this board. If the board fails to do so the citizens have the right to remove them from office. Many citizens find it interesting that despite the board’s important role they receive little resistance from the citizens.

To many citizens of Kennewick the board’s work seems pointless. After all they receive no pay. They serve an administrative role. Yet they have the power to set the educational agenda for the city. The fact that they don’t have job security or benefits doesn’t faze them one bit.

Kennewick School Board has set forth an excellent plan to improve student achievement and raise the board members compensation. Unfortunately their efforts fall flat with the citizens of Kennewick because they think they are doing the best they can. Every year these board members are asked to vote on whether or not to increase salaries, expand classes or provide other various forms of assistance to the school district. These board meetings seem to be little more than a social occasion for the board members to chat and discuss the latest news. Students have every right to ask questions on things that are important to them.

The lack of open communication between the board members and students is frustrating to those who wish to see more beneficial changes within the schools system. In some cases the board tends to close ranks to protect the teacher’s union. The teachers are concerned about low teacher pay and long hours without advancement. Issues between the board and the teachers may get so heated that the Kennewick School Board threatened to take away part of their pension if the teachers voted against the raises and other educational improvements. In one instance the school district had to cut half its teaching force because of a lack of funds.

Kennewick School Board has a lot of work ahead of them. The board will have to decide how many teachers they will hire this upcoming year and also how they will spend the money they have been approved for. Many citizens believe the board needs to do more consulting with the citizens of Kennewick before making any decisions. They need to meet with the parents and students to hear their opinions so they can make an informed decision about the school’s future. They need to find out how many students want to go to Kennewick High School and where the majority want to go to school.

If you live in Kennewick and would like to have an opportunity to get involved in local government then you should volunteer to be on the board. This means that you will be an active citizen who is involved with your community. Your input will be beneficial to the board in many ways. It will allow the board to make important decisions that will benefit you, the taxpayers and the students. Anyone who lives in Kennewick can seriously consider becoming involved in this local government community. You can learn more about volunteering with the Kennewick School Board by visiting their website.

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