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Keep It Classy: 6 Traditional Master Bedroom Ideas

By 2022, the total home improvement sales are projected to hit $465 billion compared to $394 billion in 2018. The most common home improvement projects are the kitchen and bathroom, but decorating makes up the majority of most projects.

When you need a freshly decorated home, the master bedroom is the easiest starting point. First, you’ll need to pick a theme, so how about traditional?

Read on to learn six traditional master bedroom ideas.

1. Use Prints

One of the more well-known traditional master bedroom ideas is to use prints to create character. You can use traditional bedroom wall decor prints or have a printed bedding set.

If you use more than one pattern, make sure the different accessories complement one another. Pairing unexpected palettes, patterns, and pieces together might work better than you thought.

2. Choose a Wallpaper

If you really want to get into the traditional bedroom ideas, choosing and using wallpaper is the way to go. Instead of buying a can of paint, grab paste and a brush.

As a pro tip, you should not use bold and large designs in a small room because it makes the room look out of sync. If you don’t know what will look best, sample a wallpaper design before committing to it.

3. Window Seat

Not everyone is lucky enough to have window recesses deep and low enough to create a window seat. However, if you do, this is one of the best romantic traditional master bedroom ideas.

To make it look pretty, make sure the cushions and shades match the wallpaper and overall ambiance of the room.

4. Statement Bed

In all traditional and modern bedroom designs, the bed is the focal point of the room. By choosing a statement bed for your traditional bedroom, you are setting the scene.

An upholstered bed is great for the delicate look while Victorian brass and iron bedstead match with dark greens and blues that are currently trending for bedrooms.

You can find your statement bed at Furniture Marketplace.

5. Traditional Bed Frame

Master bedroom decor isn’t as important as the bed frame. When you have the type of statement bed you want, you need to find the bed frame that fits that look.

Not only does the bed frame matter, but what’s on the bed is important too. Layering is a staple in traditional bedrooms so add a comforting yet breathable sleeping environment.

6. Fresh Flowers

Because of the wide variety of fresh flowers out there, there are many choices for complementing a traditional bedroom. A simple addition of foliage in a glass jar can be the best finishing touch to your traditional bedroom look.

Traditional Master Bedroom Ideas to Revamp Your Home

If the traditional look catches your eye, you might need a complete bedroom makeover. Although you can combine the elements of a traditional and modern bedroom, a true traditional room includes the above ideas.

Of course, there are plenty of traditional master bedroom ideas to choose from. You can base your revamp directly on this guide or use it for inspiration of your own.

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