Kanjeevaram Sarees: A Desire for Every Indian Women

An Indian woman’s wedding collection would be incomplete without one item: the iconic Kanjeevaram Sarees. At all traditional gatherings and weddings, women wear a variety of silk sarees, from the wealthiest leaders to the most modest households. 

The Kanjeevaram sarees are a well-known choice for special occasions that are frequently happening, occasions that signify change and growth as well as the start of a stage in a person’s life and journey.

Why Wear a Kanjivaram Saree?

Besides being stylish, feminine, and traditional, Kanjeevaram sarees are also very comfortable to wear. The fabric is considered to be one of the most durable and strong fabrics in the world. It can withstand heavy wear and tear, as well as being washed many times.

Kanjivaram sarees are available in many colors and designs. They come with different types of borders depending on the region where they are made. There are also slight variations in their designs depending on region and family tradition.

How can you tell a Real Kanjivaram Saree? 

Not all Kanjivaram Sarees are created equal. There are several factors that you can use to check the authenticity of your saree before you buy it.

  • First off, When you buy a genuine silk saree from the Silk Mark Organization of India (SMOI), you can be confident that it’s been certified as real by an independent body. That means the fabric is made from 100% silk and has been produced in accordance with strict quality standards.
  • The silk should be thick and strong enough to withstand wear and tear, but also soft enough so that it feels good against your skin. If you feel any roughness or scratchiness when you run your fingers over the fabric, then this means that the silk has been treated with chemicals to make it stronger or brighter in color (which may not be desirable).
  • If your sari has been treated with chemicals, then it is likely that it will discolor over time. This is not necessarily a problem for all women as long as they know what signs to look for when buying their next sari!

Some designs of Kanjeevaram sarees

  • Pink and gold Kanjeevaram silk sarees: Another stunning piece of clothing! It is the perfect fabric for bridal wear because of the extra-wide border and distinctive use of pink and golden yellow. This saree shares the characteristic thick borders of traditional Kanjeevaram sarees.
  • An Ombre Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees: Kanjeevaram sarees that come in a variety of blue and grey tones. But the saree has an ombre look since the colours are evenly spread throughout. The first temple border is light blue, followed by a border in dark blue and gold. The saree’s body is a greyish crème shade.
  • Tussar & Aubergine: The special pairing of dark purple and tussar color in this one-of-a-kind Kanjeevaram silk sarees is appropriate for all age groups. The Kanjeevaram sarees include intricate gold weaving patterns on the body and a golden border. You can add a full-sleeved dark purple shirt with a dark purple pallu.
  • That Thick Gold Border: During the wedding ceremonies in town, light pink Kanjeevaram silk sarees with a thick golden border and narrow purple lining are one of a kind.

Taking care

As kanjeevaram sarees are meant to steal the spotlight during wedding ceremonies, proper care must be taken during their maintenance:

  • These Kanjeevaram sarees should be folded neatly in a careful manner in order to avoid marks on them.
  • Kanjeevaram sarees should be washed carefully in warm water and dried thoroughly.
  • Care must be taken during cleaning as any aggressive rubbing may tear the saree.
  • Professional dry-cleaning is recommended if one doesn’t know how to clean it at home.


Kanjeevaram sarees are still holding the tradition upright and are the first choice among the young generation even in this era of tops and jeans. These Kanjeevaram sarees are also available online in different varieties and prices. So, pick the best one there for the wedding around the corner to steal the show for the spotlight.

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