Is Moving to the Golden State Your Golden Opportunity? The Best Places to Live in California in 2022

California has something for everyone. With its old-growth forests, miles of ocean coastline, deserts, and snowy peaks, California has beautiful scenery and space for outdoor activities. The state also happens to be home to several Fortune 500 companies with lucrative job opportunities. 

If you’re considering a move, there are many things to know before moving to California. For starters, you’ll need to sneak a peek of the best places to live in California this year. 

San Diego

With practically perfect weather and beautiful coastal views, there is a lot to like about San Diego. The city is home to several large companies, meaning career opportunities are widely available. The downtown area offers amenities that city dwellers appreciate, like public transportation, professional athletics, and delicious restaurants. 

San Diego is a safe city filled with job opportunities, but the home prices can be a bit shocking for those unused to California real estate rates. 


Oakland might not have the same cache as San Francisco, but it is more affordable and just across the bay. Like San Francisco, Oakland offers public transportation, job opportunities, and diversity. With the outrageous housing costs, San Francisco can be out of range for many people looking to move to California. 

Oakland offers everything San Francisco does, just at a lower price. And, the opportunities in San Francisco are a quick drive across the bay. 

Palm Springs

If you want a quiet, low-key area of California for your next home, take a good look at Palm Springs. You won’t get any coastal views, but you will have some outstanding views of the mountains and desert. Palm Springs is a haven for retirees, especially those who enjoy tennis and golf. 

It’s also the home to iconic mid-century modern architecture and a robust collection of outdoor activities, especially hiking and mountain biking. Palm Springs is in the desert, but the heat hasn’t discouraged people from enjoying the atmosphere and lifestyle. 

Santa Monica

Santa Monica is close enough to Los Angeles to enjoy the opportunities in the big city but far enough away to enjoy the small-town lifestyle. Santa Monica is best known for its pier and Ferris wheel, but it’s also a great place to live. 

You can find a great home or apartment at a reasonable price (for California), and the young population means that the town is full of prime eating and shopping establishments. 

San Clemente

If you need a pier in your town, consider the one in San Clemente. This small town is in Orange County (near Anaheim), right on the coast. San Clemente offers residents an atmosphere that feels like a retro beach town. The beaches are beautiful and often full of surfers hanging ten. The best exercise in San Clemente involves walking the beaches. 

San Clemente has affordable homes, especially considering it’s a beach town. It is filled with little boutiques and mom-and-pop restaurants, making the city a great place to raise a family. 

Wrap up

California offers several impressive areas for new residents. Whether you choose a city by the bay or you have your heart set on Southern California, you know you’ll get a great place to live with plenty of job opportunities and diverse activities. 

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