Finding Fintech Jobs: What to Know

Did you know that almost all long-standing financial institutions say that some portion of their business is going to be lost to fintech companies in just the next few years? The experts in the industry realize that fintech is the future.

Of course, even though fintech jobs are generally great jobs, that does not mean that some are not better than others. In fact, finding the best jobs in the industry can be difficult and extremely competitive. But it is important if you want the highest salary and best working conditions possible.

So how can you find the best fintech jobs available? Read on to learn all about the best techniques you can use to find great fintech jobs!

Find Your Local Tech Hubs

A lot of people spend an incredible amount of time filling out huge numbers of applications. However, most people know that applications have a low response rate. In fact, a great many jobs get filled because of a personal connection to somebody already working at the company.

You might have heard the saying that it is not what you know, it is who you know. Therefore, to increase your chance of getting a great fintech job, you should start meeting people.

Even if you just meet one person, the right person can make a huge difference. If you meet someone that knows all about the industry, then they can point you in the right direction for future job searching.

Have a look around your local tech hubs and find out how you can start meeting people. There might be tech gatherings happening in your city. If you look on or Facebook groups, you might find out that there are people regularly meeting to discuss the tech industry.

If there are, then meeting people there will almost certainly lead to plenty of job opportunities down the line.

On the other hand, if there is nothing like that in your geographical locale, you can still look online. Especially since the pandemic, lots of groups have been meeting online. If a group in San Francisco is meeting online, then you might as well attend even if you are not in the city.

The effect is much the same. By getting to know people who are already well connected to the tech industry, you can probably find out a lot about potential job opportunities. Even if nobody has a specific job to offer you, they can almost certainly give you extremely useful information about how else to look for jobs.

Get Connected to the Fintech Community

Communities tend to gather around some kind of central source of information. You can learn a lot by subscribing to newsletters related to the industry.

You might find incredible opportunities by learning about the latest developments in technology. If you find out that a certain part of the industry is exploding, then that can give you a hint about what kind of jobs you should be looking for.

On top of that, the more you know about the industry, the more people will be inclined to help you. If you don’t know anything, and you ask for help, people might feel like you should do your own research first. But if you clearly know many of the same things that they do and ask for help, they will feel more like they are supporting a true member of the community.

Improve Your Credentials

If you want to increase your chance of success, you have to do more than just increase the number of opportunities you find. You also have to increase the probability that you will receive one of the jobs that you apply for.

Getting a coding certification of some kind can give you an edge in interviews. Certifications can be easy to get in just a few weeks. But with a few certifications, you were really stand out from other job applicants without anything besides a degree on their record.

Add New Skills

More important than certifications is actual ability. In most industries, it is very difficult to display your real ability before you are hired. However, in fintech, you could literally demonstrate coding knowledge on a piece of paper or a computer during a job interview.

Around the office, people who have a wide variety of skills often end up doing things that are not officially in their job description. If you have a wide variety of skills, people will think of you as someone who could potentially be a person like that.

Learn about different aspects of the industry and develop your skills. It can also help to develop social skills add leadership skills.

The more you learn about how to start a career in fintech, the more you realize that the highest paying fintech jobs could be remote fintech jobs or other jobs that you may not easily find yourself. With a fintech salary on the line, it is worth using professionals to help you with finding fintech jobs. If you really want to find the best jobs in the industry, then you may need the help of a quality recruitment agency.

Enjoy All of the Benefits of Great Fintech Jobs

We hope that you were able to find something useful in this brief article on some of the most powerful ways you can find fintech jobs. The job that you accept will affect your quality of life to an incredible degree for months and years to come. Therefore, it is more than worth putting as much time and effort as you can into finding the best option possible.

To keep up-to-date on the latest developments in business, technology, and more, feel free to have a look through our other articles!


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