Is it wrong to Buy Instagram Followers in 2022?

To be honest, no, it’s not.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to sell a brand or advertise a product here. I’ve only given my honest opinion. And I’m going to back it up with relevant facts very soon.

I know a lot of top brands and media outlets may beg to differ. A lot of them are of the opinion that buying followers is bad. In fact, some even go as far as providing evidence of cases where Instagram banned people or purged people’s accounts because they bought followers.

Indeed, these stories are true. And there’s no shying away from that. But they don’t paint the real picture.

It’s easy to say this practice is bad and that one is good. But if we’re going to be honest with ourselves, is anything ever truly ‘black or white’ in this life? I know a lot of times, we try to approach situations with the ‘this or that,’ ‘black or white’ mentality. But if we’re being honest, we’ll agree life is never really that straightforward.

The same can be said of the practice of buying Instagram followers. While there are numerous sob stories flying around about how bad the practice is, there are also positive stories from reputable individuals and brands about how awesome and helpful the practice is.

This is why I believe stigmatizing the practice and labeling it as ‘utter evil’ is not just right. If you’ve been unlucky with the practice – maybe you’ve bought followers from fraudulent vendors – don’t come and label every vendor as scam or tarnish the overall outlook of the practice.

It’s like saying because you’ve been swindled of your cash on Facebook, you now label all Facebook vendors as fraudulent and untrustworthy. That will be absolutely unfair.

My point here is not all vendors selling Instagram followers and likes are fake. Some outlets still have good values they uphold. When you buy Instagram followers from them, you can rest assured that your followers are the result of legit outreach and marketing campaigns. Under no circumstance will you get anything short of authentic followers.

As I said, I’m not here to advertise any brand, so I won’t be naming names. But just know there are places on the internet where you can buy followers on Instagram legit.

Why do people think it’s wrong to buy followers?

1.      Public opinion

Many people think it’s wrong to buy Instagram followers because they’ve heard others saying it’s wrong. I have a friend who once belonged to this class. He was complaining about not gaining followers on IG. Then I asked him whether he’s considered buying followers. He responded and said, ‘No, I have not. People say it’s bad.” I shook my head and replied, “People say it’s bad, or you’ve bought some and discovered it’s bad?”

I know a lot of people are like him. But you really shouldn’t follow public opinion every time. Sometimes, you have to try things for yourself to discover the truth. Who knows, you just might do things differently from them.

2.      Sob experiences

Sadly, there are those who have experienced the unfortunate reality of buying fake Instagram followers. If you talk about buying Instagram followers or buy Instagram views beside such people, they may snap at you.

And quite rightly so. No one deserves to lose their hard-earned money to frauds and scams. Unfortunately, that’s the reality of the world we live in.

3.      Lack of knowledge

Some people believe it’s wrong to buy Instagram followers because they can’t fathom how it’s possible to drive authentic followers automatically to an Instagram page.

Are you also on this table?

If so, you should learn to research things before drawing a conclusion on them. The real vendors selling Instagram followers have an automated outreach and growth system they use in aligning similar profiles and accounts. So, when you apply to buy followers from them, what they do is that they deploy several techniques to align your account with those accounts that may be interested in your type of content. All these happen within split seconds.

Alternatively, some vendors have a large network of partner Instagram accounts. So, when someone applies to buy followers, they simply examine their inventor and connect the right followers to that account.

In short, there are many technologies at play.

4.      It seems Inorganic

Some people say it’s wrong to buy Instagram followers because they feel it is inorganic or inauthentic.

Fair enough, I can understand why anyone would think like that.

But let me ask you this: do you also feel the same way about sites or businesses that invest in ads rather than SEO? Ads as we know them attract visitors inorganically – putting your brand name in the faces of people that haven’t requested for it – while SEO brings people to your site organically.

To be honest, life is really not black or white. And it is high time we stopped treating it like it is. When it comes to growth campaigns, both inorganic and organic techniques are widely accepted. The only condition is that your approaches must be legal.

Why do I think it’s right to buy followers?

1.      Because it is now possible to get authentic human accounts as followers

Once upon a time, finding vendors selling real followers was almost impossible. Nowadays, we have many reputable vendors providing authentic followers. So, why wait for six months to acquire 1k followers when I can buy up to 1k real followers from these guys?

2.      Because getting followers organically is very difficult these days

Believe it or not, getting new followers is harder than ever. There are thousands of accounts doing similar stuff to you. So, users are literally spoilt for choice. If you’re a new account that’s just growing, your best bet is to buy Instagram followers.

3.      Because having plenty of followers makes it easier to get followers

An Instagrammer will rather follow a travel expert with 600k followers than one with 2k followers. If you desire to grow your follower count, you have to first buy followers to gain social proof.

4.      The big boys are doing it

If the top brands and big celebrities are in on the act, why shouldn’t I?

5.      It is no longer an unsafe act

Gone are the days when Instagram banned accounts for buying followers. Unless you’re buying fake and bot followers, there’s no way you will find yourself in any trouble.


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