Is it Cheaper to Replace an EBM Papst Fan?

When fans fail on computers, climate control systems or other industrial equipment, this generally renders the entire thing and operable even if it is only for cooling and ventilation. Most things these days are engineered to shut down when the fan stops working to prevent damage from happening such as thermal runaway or other problems that can occur from overheated equipment. Unfortunately, while ebmpapst is an exemplary company that makes the most durable, state-of-the-art fans and motors out there, it’s impossible to make it indestructible design. It will never be such a thing as an indestructible fan or motor, so even 1 billion years from now, if humanity or their descendents persist, they will still need to replace motors and fans.

But, is it cheaper to replace the fan than the throw out the thing that contains it?

This depends entirely on context, really. There are some things that are just cheaper to replace, such as certain light-weight, slightly-disposable electronics and certain types of very hard to repair and open industrial equipment that are meant to be thrown out when their components fail. These are edge cases, however, and it is almost always cheaper to replace the fan than the throw out the entire piece of equipment.

The truth is, fans and motors like these are intended to be replaced instantly when they fail, so most machines using them will be designed in such a way that a trained professional can easily open them up and replace the component. Yes, it’s an involving complicated process to someone who is a professional, but a professional can do it in short order without any problem, and even with their labor costs added, it is far cheaper than throwing out the equipment.

Add to this the fact that replacing an entire piece of equipment is much more time-consuming, meaning that your production line, climate control or what have you will be in operable much longer. Time is, after all, money, so simply replacing a small, easily-ship component is obviously going to be the smarter thing to do. You may have been reticent in the past to do this because dealing with parts distribution companies or the manufacturer directly as always been a bit of a trying experience. With modern parts distributors online, designed to be dedicated to providing the best CRM experience possible, and the manufacturers simply focusing on creating and distributing the parts as requested, things are much smoother and much more affordable at that. You are guaranteed the best price and cost and availability of the best ebmpapst products out there. So, when you are ready to get a new ebm papst fan, you can count on quick, courteous and pleasant service versus the old days.

The one thing we have learned from the pandemic is that online is the best way to do a lot of things now a days that we used to do in person, and commerce, especially commercial commerce like this, is a prime example of digital always being better!

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