iPhone vs. Android For Playing Mobile Games: Which Is Better?

Are you someone who enjoys playing mobile games? If so, you might be wondering what is the best type of gaming SmartPhone.

Some people prefer iPhones for playing mobile games while others swear by Androids.

While both iPhones and Androids certainly have their pros and cons when it comes to mobile games, it’s important to learn about these differences to determine the best choice for you.

Keep reading to learn more about iPhone vs. Android for playing mobile games.

Selection of Games

When it comes to mobile gaming, you’ll want access to the best mobile games. Android offers a wider selection of mobile apps on the Google Play Store.

According to Statista, the Google Play store currently offers 477,877 mobile gaming apps. That being said, iPhones usually offer new games before Google Play has them in. This is usually more appealing to a mobile gamer.

Another thing to keep in mind is that iPhone apps are often removed from the app store after some time. This is rarely if ever a problem for Android users as their games are almost always available.

If you’re looking for a reputable mobile game publisher, Gamemine can help you develop and license your own game. They currently operate through the Google Play Store and have just secured $20 million dollars in Series A funding.

Gaming Experience

As for the gaming experience, Apple typically has Android beat. That’s because Apple goes above and beyond to frequently update the apps you download. Therefore, the apps you download are less likely to have bugs or other technical glitches.

That being said, Android does offer some high-quality games and newer Android phones can even beat Apple on game quality. Android is also known to offer better graphics and special effects.

However, Apple typically offers a better gaming experience overall.


Android games are much less expensive than iPhone games. While iPhones offer a better gaming experience, many users complain about the prices for their most popular games.

With Android, certain games that are expensive on iPhones are completely free on the Google Play Store.

If you’re looking to have access to affordable games, then Android might be the right choice for you.


We all know how much storage that games can take up. Especially high-quality games that hold a lot of data.

With Android, users have the ability to customize their storage space. This will reduce the amount of storage the game has on their phone. This is something that cannot be done for iPhone users.

Battery Life

Games also have a tendency to drain the battery on your phone. This is due to the graphics and temperature increase of the phone.

Androids are built with bigger batteries which creates a longer battery life. iPhones come with much smaller batteries and although the battery isn’t terrible by any means, Androids are much more efficient.

Playing Mobile Games iPhone vs. Android

This guide taught you everything you need to know about iPhone vs. Android when it comes to playing mobile games. If you’re unsure if iPhone or Android is for you, weigh the pros and cons of each device to make the best decision for yourself.

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