Debunking the Most Common Smartphone Use Myths That Exist Today

More than 7 out of 10 Americans have smartphones and that’s why the telecommunications industry is booming.

With so many smartphones users, you’d expect that we all know how these devices work. And yet, there is so much we don’t know about smartphone use. Besides, the internet is full of misinformation on how smartphones work and how to use them.

So, you’re likely to follow misleading advice and end up damaging your smartphone.

Keep reading this article as it debunks the most common smartphone use myths that exist today.

All In-APP Purchases Compromises Data Security

Many people fear making in-app purchases as they assume that they all compromise data security. They feel that these purchases allow hackers to access their credit/debit card information. That’s why despite having a deep desire to unlock a new game level, you’re reluctant to pay for it.

The great news is that most companies now are offering secure in-app purchases. So, you don’t have to worry when choosing to pay for a subscription-based mobile game such as gamemine orange. You’re confident that your data is secure and only authorized persons will access it.

Charging a Phone Overnight Damages the Battery

Many smartphone users fear charging their devices overnight as they assume this damages the battery. The logic is that overcharging a battery is harmful. Although this is accurate, understand that smartphones are designed to stop charging once the battery is fully charged.

However, note that electricity is still being used even though your phone isn’t charging. That’s why it’s good to unplug your phone once it’s fully charged. One simple trick is to monitor how long your phone takes to charge and set a timer on when to unplug it.

It’s Okay to Use Free WI-FI

To attract customers, many restaurants and public places are now offering free WI-FI. So, it’s enticing to use this free Wi-Fi to download apps and watch videos. The problem is that you’re compromising your data security by using free Wi-Fi.

Hackers use these networks to access your personal data and use it for malicious reasons. So, avoid using free Wi-Fi to enhance your mobile data security. If you insist on using this Wi-Fi, add a layer of security by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

To get Quality Pictures Invest in a Phone with the Most Megapixels

When shopping for a new smartphone, many people check the device’s megapixels (MP). They’ll spend days comparing the megapixels on different types of smartphones to decide the one to buy. So, to trick you, manufacturers of different types of cellphones are making phones with high MPs.

Don’t fall into this trap; instead of checking megapixels, focus on pixel quality when buying a new smartphone.

Learn Proper Smartphone Use to Prolong Your Device’s Lifespan

Knowing the proper smartphone use is key to increasing the device’s lifespan. You want to know how to charge the device properly. Besides, you need to avoid using free Wi-Fi as this compromises mobile data security.

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