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Interior Door Replacement: How to Do It the Right Way

Interior door replacement is an often overlooked way to improve the value of a home and its return on investment. It’s also a relatively cheap and easy DIY project that can give a homeowner a sense of self-efficacy and accomplishment.

To learn some useful interior door replacement tips, just check out the information below.

Take Measurements

The first step in any interior door replacement guide is to take measurements of the old door and doorframe. The height will likely be around 80 inches, which is the standard building code requirement.

The width of the door, however, may vary. This is often the part of the door that needs to be trimmed to your specifications.

Use the Old Door

After purchasing a new blank door, lay the old door on top of it to spot and differences. It’s likely that the new door will need some trimming.

Trimming the new door requires the use of a circular saw. If this tool makes you uncomfortable, consider consulting with a door frame contractor.

After penciling in what needs to be trimmed, use a utility knife and straightedge to break down the wood a bit before using the circular saw.

Prepare the Hinges

After the trimming is complete, lay the old door on the new door again to mark where the hinges should go. This time, mark the hinges with the utility knife from the get-go.

Position the new door so that the hinges are facing up. You’ll need a chisel and a hammer to carve out the hinge grooves. You can accomplish this in a few steps.

First, lightly tap the chisel with a hammer to make cuts into the wood, only as deep as the hinge is thick. Next, make a group of these cuts parallel to each other, throughout the length of the hinge. Finally, hold the chisel at an angle and carefully tap it with the hammer to slowly chip away each section.

If done correctly, the hinge should lay flush with the door. It can be screwed on.

Drill for the Lockset

Using the old door again, mark where the strike-plate hole is located. You will need some special tools to drill a new hole in the blank door.

Both the doorknob face bore and latch edge bore need to be drilled. Use a 2 1/8th inch hole saw for the doorknob and a 7/8th inch spade bit for the latch edge.

Place the latch onto the bore and trace it with a utility knife to mark its location.

Hang the Door

After completing those steps, the door is finally ready to be hung. Align the hinge knuckles, then plan the pin. Make sure to swing the door a few times to ensure it functions smoothly.

Admire Your Interior Door Replacement

Interior door replacement will level up your DIY skills. This job requires some more advanced tools, like a circular saw, but these tools are a great investment. At the very least, you can save money on having to hire an interior door replacement contractor.

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