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What is tractor insurance?

Vehicles come in very different versions. If they move on public roads, liability insurance is usually compulsory.

Since the owner can only access this liability insurance in a few cases – although it should be even less often – the selection of the right vehicle insurance is all the more important.

This also applies to tractor insurance. It is important for very different areas of application of the tractors and tractors:

Use of tractors and tractors in forestry

  • Private use
  • Classic car lovers

The tractor insurance is liability insurance and property insurance. The exact scope always depends on the selected tariff and also on the planned use of the tractor. In addition, there is the age of the tractor, which makes the insurance coverage through fully comprehensive insurance for the owner sometimes less, sometimes more in the foreground.

In general, the same basic rules apply to tractor insurance as to any other vehicle insurance. So if you want to and need to take out tractor insurance, you should first consider the extent to which you need insurance cover. He can choose between:

  • Pure liability insurance
  • Partially comprehensive insurance

Fully comprehensive insurance

As a rule, liability insurance cannot be dispensed with, but comprehensive insurance and its scope in tractor insurance still offer considerable scope for decision-making. It is true that a new and valuable tractor is certainly more worthwhile to take out from fully comprehensive insurance than an older model that has already lost significantly in value.

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What benefits does a tractor insurance offer?

Since your tractor is certainly used on public roads and at the same time represents a high property value, you need the same services that you choose for your car insurance. The tractor insurance takes into account the extent of damage and benefits that arise for third parties and for the owner himself.

The basic benefits of tractor insurance are:

  • Liability damage – damage caused to third parties through the operation of the insured tractor.
  • Partially comprehensive damage – damage that the owner incurs on his tractor through no fault of his own.
  • Fully comprehensive damage – damage caused to the owner through his own fault.

The exact scope results from the respective insurance tariff. For liability insurance, there is a compulsory minimum insurance sum in the event of a claim. These are mostly specified again, whether it is property damage or personal injury.

If there is a claim, the tractor insurance first checks whether this damage is included in the scope of the insurance at all. So if there is a partial comprehensive insurance and the owner of the tractor is responsible for the damage to his tractor, this damage will not be compensated.

A particular example of damage had to be decided after a tractor approved in an EU member state knocked over a ladder while maneuvering out of the barn to bring in bales of hay and the person standing on it was injured by the fall. The responsible tractor insurance company initially rejected the regulation, as it considered maneuvering in the barn area to be used as a work machine. The judgment of the ECJ made it clear that maneuvering in the yard is also considered a typical use and that coverage by tractor insurance cannot be ruled out.

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