How we can Turn photos into comic strips?

Cartoon culture has tremendous influence from the mid-century and this pop art movement is one of the favorite comic strips. Either want to create a poster size of a pet animal or want to give illustrated look to a personal picture whenever you turn a photo into a comic strip this effect always gives a refreshing twist. If some of you looking for an easy and rapid way to turn a photo into a comic strip masterpiece some wonderful tools can help you.

There is a unique tool called Pikistrips that allows you to upload photos through smartphones and computers and merge them into a comic strip. There are several unique effects for example pencil sketches, speech bubbles, oil paintings, and much more. The user has to sign up in the free account of Pikistrips and move to create and choose a layout for a desired comic strip. Now after uploading the image on the system, and choose a layout to insert the image in a comic strip.

This software also has a search option and users can get access from any public web URL. The chosen image will be used in comic cells. The drag and drop facility empowers the user to add bubble speech through the templates tab and can add text. When the comic is done it can be downloaded on your mobiles or computers and easily can share with friends on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and many other social networking websites. Befunky is another similar tool that can be used to turn photos into comic strips, cartoons,s, and funny clip arts. By using Befunky pencil drawings can be created and images can be turned into grayscale and one can easily make avatars etc. both of this software are free but Pikistrips has more fun features that can be customized the image as required.

 If some of you is looking for desktop software to make comic photo must try FotoSketcher. This comic software has some other features, as well as sometimes users, need a simple interface with modern features. FotoSketcher has some essential features that turn the simple image into comic clips. Fotojet is software that comes free of cost but if the user wants to spend some money they can get a premium version of $3.33 monthly to unlock the other features. The Pro version has charged $6.99 monthly. The premium version has bundles of shapes, icons, badges, fonts, etc to enhance the image into a page story. Fotojet offers approximately 800 templates.

 If some of you need some inspiration for making new comic books and required some suggestions and demos Fotojet is amazing for all these purposes. This software has a user-friendly interface and everyone can easily use this tool and customize the picture accordingly. It offers subscriptions to create new accounts. Some of you have no availability of internet 24/7 in this case users can download Comic Strip on mobile phones and turn the picture into comic strip while offline. There is no need for professional learning to operate all this software.

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