How To Shower With Eyelash Extensions: Myths Debunked

Eyelash extensions are beautiful. They provide unmatched beauty and elegance to the face for almost a month if treated with care. However, there are many myths around the concept of eyelash extension supplies: one of them being that you should not shower for a long time after getting the extensions.

This is one of the biggest misconceptions around eyelash extension. The truth is that you just need to save your lashes from any wetness for the first four hours or so after getting the extension. So the next time someone asks you to wait for a day or so before you take a shower with your eyelash extensions, make sure to correct them.

However, debunking this myth does not mean that you stop treating your lashes with the care that it needs. Even though you can take a shower after a few hours of getting the extension here are a few things to keep in mind:

Do not apply extensive water pressure

To maintain the quality of the eyelash extensions, it is best to avoid any kind of water pressure while showering directly on the lashes. Avoid the high pressure of the water falling directly on your face.

An effective way to ensure that the pressure of the water is not affecting the quality of your extensions is to face your back to receive the falling water from the shower.

Ditch the steam

No matter how much you love hot showers and steams – it is best to bid farewell to them once you invest in eyelash extension supplies. The warm environment and constant steam during hot showers actively weaken the glue and force that binds the natural lashes to the artificial ones.

This weakening of the lashes can affect the quality of the extensions. Hence, it is best to ditch all kinds of steam baths and saunas while you have the extensions.

Be gentle

If you used to shower with aggressive rubbing and scrub throughout your body, it is time to switch the way you shower. At least for the area around your eyes, you need to scrub and exfoliate as gently as you can. This would ensure that the lashes do not fall due to vigorous rubbing. 

Get the lashes wet

While you should avoid the strong water pressure, gently cleansing the lashes using water is highly recommended while you take a shower. It is a big myth that you have to prevent every drop of water from reaching your lashes.

There have been cases where clients have avoided any cleansing using water on their lashes. They developed infections in that area, which was highly problematic for them. Hence, maintain hygiene by gently washing the lash region using water.


There are a lot of myths and misconceptions around eyelash extensions which may scare you from carrying out your daily activities. But taking enough care and following proper steps would prevent any hindrance in the path of simple activities like taking a shower! Indeed, showering with eyelash extensions is not the same as when you shower without it.

It is always advised to get eyelash extensions from reputed beauty studios such as Adelaide Lash Supplies. Contact them now and beautify your eyes!

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