How to Make Your School Environment Clean and Secure

School cleaning is one of the most important things you can do to keep students healthy, but how exactly should you approach the process?

Cleaning a school is a full-time job, but few people know how to get a school as clean as possible. If your school isn’t clean enough, you can risk the health of others and get your district into a lot of trouble.

We’ll help you by outlining everything you need to know about school cleaning. This will ensure you put together a solid plan, no matter how large your school is.

Read on to learn all about the basics of school cleaning.

Set a Cleaning Schedule

To make your school environment as clean as possible, the first thing you must do is set a cleaning schedule. Many people overlook this, but having a schedule will make it easier to plan certain things. Aside from that, following your schedule will ensure your school is clean year-round.

Making a schedule is as simple as deciding which days you’ll do certain tasks. For example, you can designate Friday as the deep cleaning day.

Implement a Waste Disposal Policy

Aside from setting a schedule, you should implement a waste disposal policy to keep everyone on the same page. Both students and employees should know what to do with their trash to avoid getting the school dirty.

The waste disposal policy should outline where trash should go and the procedures to use when disposing of it. All janitors within the building must be equipped with things like gloves and masks. They should also have access to school cleaning supplies at all times.

Invest in Sanitization Products

When it comes to school cleaning, one of the main things you must realize is that there’s a difference between cleaning and sanitizing.

Cleaning is all about making something look neat and appealing. While cleaning will make your school more attractive, it won’t get rid of nasty bacteria that build up throughout the day.

Because of this, you must invest in a variety of sanitization products to clean the surfaces throughout your school. You can find a plethora of products, so spend some time researching to figure out which ones would suit your school.

Make Cleaning an Activity for the Kids

School cleaning requires a lot of time, especially if the school is large. However, you can make things easier by getting the kids involved with the process.

This is a common practice that daycare cleaning services use with younger kids. It allows them to build basic habits that’ll help them throughout their lives. It also makes your job easier because you’ll get things done quicker.

Keep in mind that if you involve kids in the cleaning process, you shouldn’t make them do anything complicated, such as steam cleaning a rug. Instead, have them sweep the floors and put things away. When you get around to cleaning the rooms, everything will already be organized.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

If you’re having a hard time cleaning the school, you should consider hiring a cleaning service. Cleaning services for schools can provide a plethora of services if you choose the right ones.

When outsourcing cleaning services, you can decide what exactly they’ll do. For example, a cleaning company may offer carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and stain removal services. However, you can have them do nothing more than carpet cleaning.

This will give you more control over how you clean the school, and it’ll allow you to save some money.

Depending on the service you use, you may have access to discounts if you outsource several things. Because of this, it’s important to research several companies before choosing one.

Prioritize Deep Cleaning During Breaks

Cleaning schools at night is a no-brainer, but you might not have enough time to get your school as clean as you want. To truly clean your school, you must deep clean it with a variety of methods that you can only use during breaks.

The best time to deep clean your school is right before the winter, spring, and summer breaks. These breaks will give you enough time to use and dispose of chemicals throughout the school.

There are also several months and weeks between the breaks, so you won’t need to go through hefty cleaning processes often.

Don’t Neglect Windows

The last thing we’ll go over involves cleaning windows. Whenever you put together a cleaning plan, you must not neglect windows because they can attract a ton of bacteria and dirt, which will make your school look unattractive.

Fortunately, cleaning a window is as simple as applying a light chemical to it and wiping a cloth across it. Doing this will kill bacteria and remove any cloudy debris from the window.

Now You Know About the Basics of School Cleaning

As you can see, making your school environment clean and secure isn’t hard. Now that you know the basics of school cleaning, you’re ready to start putting together a cleaning plan and reference this info.

Keep in mind that things like school deep cleaning can take a lot of time. When making a schedule, you must think about every aspect of cleaning to ensure you get the best results without wasting too much time.

Don’t hesitate to hire a professional if you’re struggling to keep your school clean. However, take your time to find someone that suits your needs.

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