How to Make a Snowman

Did you know that the ruler of Florence in Italy commissioned a young Michelangelo to sculpt a snowman for him in 1494? Snowmen aren’t a new invention. Snow is a material that people have been using to create art since the middle ages.

But that doesn’t mean making a snowman is intuitive or easy. If no one has ever shown you how to make a snowman, you might waste hours building one and end up with a puddle with a carrot floating on top.

Don’t worry! This simple step-by-step snowman guide will show you exactly what you need to do to build a snowman that looks good and will last. You’ll be the envy of every kid on your block.

Step 1: Find Flat Land and Lots of Wet Snow

You need solid foundations to make a snowman. This means flat ground and several inches of fresh, wet snow over a large piece of land. Flaky or solid snow isn’t as packable and will fall apart.

Rarely experience this kind of heavy snowfall in your climate? You might be better off investing in a giant snowman for your yard instead. They are 100% guaranteed to never melt.

Step 2: Roll Snow To Make the Bottom Section

Start by making a snowball in your hands that’s around 30cm in diameter. Set the snowball on the ground and start rolling it along so that it picks up more snow. Keep going until you have a huge, solid snowball that’s around three feet wide.

Stop when you get to the area you want your snowman to stand. Flatten the top of the snowball a little.

Step 3: Roll and Stack the Middle Section

Repeat the above step to make the middle section. This time, you only need to make a snowball around two feet wide.

Be careful when you lift the middle section on top of the bottom section as it might be awkward and heavy to maneuver. Ask a buddy to help and flatten out the top of this section too.

Step 4: Create and Stack the Top Section

You can either use the rolling method to create the snowball for your snowman’s head or use your hands. Pack snow into a snowball that’s around 30cm wide and sit it on the top of the middle section. Use extra snow to fill in the edges of all three snowballs so they are more secure.

Step 5: Decorate Your Snowman

The final step in learning how to make a snowman is to decorate it. What is a snowman if it doesn’t have a carrot for a nose?! And you can use large, heavy buttons for eyes and small pebbles to create a smile.

Find twigs with branches that look like hands for the snowman’s arms. Dig out an old hat and scarf to finish the ensemble.

That’s How To Make a Snowman in Five Simple Steps!

Figuring out how to make a snowman isn’t difficult once you know the tricks. Now all you need is a heavy snowfall so you can put your new skills to the test.

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