How to Make a Commercial That Engages Viewers

Did you know that the average American spent over 3 hours watching TV each day in 2020? It’s no surprise that a good commercial is still one of the most effective forms of advertising.

A successful commercial shoot can take your brand to the next level. Are you considering a television commercial to promote your brand? Do you know how to make a commercial?

The following guide will explain how to shoot a commercial people will remember.  It will ensure you know how to make a television commercial relevant to your product and help get you noticeable results.

Promote Your Brand Clearly

Your brand’s name should be presented both verbally and visually throughout the advertisement. Feature your logo and any specific product that you want to promote.

Decide who you’re promoting your brand to by selecting a target audience. You need to know what demographic that your brand would appeal to and make the commercial specifically for them.

It’s ok if you don’t appeal to everyone. Trying to please those who wouldn’t buy your product anyway will reduce the impact on your target audience.

Develop a Storyline

Tell a story with your commercial to gain the attention of viewers. Use humor, satire, a serious, heartfelt commercial, or any style that makes sense for your target audience.

Create a character or reoccurring theme if you plan to have a series of commercials. Commercials are typically 30 to 60 seconds long, so remember to keep it simple and to the point.

How To Make a Commercial

Try to budget out using a professional production team so that your commercial looks legitimate. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive film production, but you shouldn’t cut corners.

Consider using a lens for slow-motion or other interesting shots that will set your advertisement apart from others. Natural lighting and documentary-style commercials are effective for heartfelt ads because they feel more real.

Editing Commercials

The editing process will be very straightforward and simple if you’ve stuck to your initial script and storyline. Make sure your shots are organized, and your story flows properly.

This is also the stage where you’ll add logos and any other subtle messages. Adding music or commercial jingles to your commercials in the editing stage is crucial to making a memorable advertisement. 

Review Your Commercial

Make sure your commercial meets your original goal after editing and that your story is clear. Is your commercial believable? Do the cinematography, lighting, and music all match?

Your brand should feel important and necessary by the end of your commercial. Consider having others give you feedback or conducting a survey before running your advertisement.

Ready To Shoot Your Commercial?

Now you know how to create an effective outline, how to make a commercial, and how to edit it for your target audience. Keep these steps in mind and start growing your brand with this successful form of advertising.

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