With global warming and climate change chasing our tails, there is a constant shift in the external temperature beyond natural definitions of seasons. In places like Tamil Nadu, where its tropical climates contribute to hot sticky weather, conditions like these are exacerbated. With temperatures of 40 – 40°C recorded during summers in the states of Tamil Nadu, not only does driving become difficult, but even new, old and best used cars face a lot of heating up and engine weakening. 

One would have noticed cars getting extremely hot when parked under the sun or in summer. When this happens, not only does the interior of a car resemble a furnace to temperature; but the air conditioner system in the car also overheats and weakens in performance. 

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Why do cars get hot?

Cars work very similarly to greenhouses. Like how a greenhouse allows sunlight to enter inside and traps it, cars being enclosed spaces do the same. When sunlight falls on the car windows, the glass absorbs sunlight. This sunlight which is in the form of short-wavelength light energy is easily trapped by the interior of the automobile. Once absorbed, it is given out to the air as heat. Since there is no way for the heat to dissipate, it builds up inside the car and heats it. 

Keeping the interior of the car is important for various reasons:

Tips to keep the interior of the car cool:

There are several time-tested methods to keep the car cool. These could be modifications to the exterior, interior or even installing new devices to assist in dissipating the cooped up heat inside the car. Some of these tips include:

There are several other ways by which one can keep the interior cool:

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