How to hang a wallart above a sofa. How high should I hang a painting?

Have you ever wondered how and where to properly hang a painting or art print? The question is not trivial. To retain the artist’s vision and get the most out of the picture’s plot, you must approach it from the correct angle. This recommendation is appropriate for art lovers, but it can also be considered by those who have decided to do their own home decorating with the help of paintings. Let’s see which options for hanging paintings and posters will make the room feel cozier.

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General guidelines for determining the height of a poster or painting

Spectacular, colorful images with large elements should be hung at or above eye level, not below. Small paintings and posters (landscapes with a distant perspective, still life’s with small flowers, various abstractions) will look ridiculous at a high altitude: if you place them above eye level, you risk losing half of the plot, as most people are content to look at the frame.

Hang large canvases vertically as high as possible to make the room appear taller and more spacious. The same paintings “land” the room by being placed on the floor with the help of special stands. This will be relevant in overly large rooms where there is insufficient comfort and security.

A well-balanced arrangement of paintings in height

Even chaos has a certain harmony to it. Even if you do not intend to turn the room into an art gallery, it is still worthwhile to apply certain rules to the composition. Depending on the landmark, we provide several options for painting placement.

Painting near a window or door

This refers to the alignment of the canvas’s upper edge with the upper horizontal line of the door, window frame, or cornice. Important: large paintings should touch the lower edge of the middle of the wall, but small ones should be avoided entirely because their height distorts visual perception and makes the wall look awkward in general.

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The lower edge of the window frame is also aligned, but small canvases will look more harmonious here. Large elements will only add weight to the interior.

Alignment along the upper edge of a cabinet

Use large paintings, preferably in a vertical orientation, if the cabinet is large and tall. If you’ve used small hanging modules or shelves as a starting point, hang small paintings or series in a row.

How to Hang Artwork at Eye Level

This seemingly simple landmark is not as straightforward as it appears. If you’re hanging several paintings of varying sizes on different walls, make sure the lower edges of the frames are all aligned. The upper and lower bounds may not be the same. If you don’t, you’ll end up with a visual imbalance that won’t add harmony to the room.

Hanging paintings and posters on the walls is an excellent way to add variety to the interior. When selecting them, try to keep the color scheme and theme of the room in mind. Hanging a beautiful picture successfully can provide the room with the missing comfort and zest that often escapes from seemingly full-fledged and independent interiors, especially after renovation.

How to hang two paintings that are identical. Design tips: How to Properly Hang a Wallart Print

Have you got a painting? Or have you found an amazing piece of art that fits the décor of your room? Then our advice on where and how high to hang an art print or painting is very important.

How to find a proper place for painting in your apartment

Vertical paintings, on the other hand, visually raise the ceilings. A narrow wall is the ideal location for them. Horizontal ones also help to lengthen the wall, so place them over a sofa, a bed, or a low wardrobe.

The main idea is that there should be more space. In no case should floor lamps, tall plants, shelves, or other interior items be used to obscure the paintings (even slightly).

Advice! If there are multiple canvases, first create a composition on the floor to see how they interact with one another.

How high should the painting or poster be hung?

It is impossible to say unequivocally how far a picture should be hung from the ceiling. The reason for this is that not all apartments are alike (we all know the difference between Stalinka and Khrushchev, right?).

The best placement is at or slightly above eye level. Designers recommend measuring 150 – 170 cm from the floor. The picture’s center should be visible at this point.

Measure 20 – 25 cm up if you want to hang the canvas over a sofa, chest of drawers, or bed. The lower edge must pass at this level.

The ideal offset for fireplaces is 10 – 15 cm.

Do not hurry to use a hammer or drill right away. Fix the image to the wall and make notes in the corners. Take a step back and look at the approximate location. Are you happy with everything? Feel free to get started.

Advice! To add clarity to a composition, make paper mock-ups of paintings and tape them to the wall with masking tape.

How to hang a modular painting over the sofa correctly. Placement characteristics and rules

Placing such items on the wall can be fraught with complications. And, in order for it to look its best on the wall, you should follow these helpful hints and recommendations:

Before beginning the installation process, it is best to attach the painting’s constituent elements to the wall to get an idea of how it will look in the future.

To begin, it is necessary to estimate the number of parts that it is made up of – the location of the center will be determined by this. If there are two modules, the center will be between them; if there are three, it will be on the middle one.

1.The distance between the elements must be calculated based on their size and some other characteristics (the thickness of the stretcher, the parameters of the wall itself, etc.). Small modules, for example, require a short distance between them, whereas large ones are unsuitable for small rooms.

2.Before beginning the installation process, attach the painting’s component elements to the wall to get an idea of how it will look in the future.

3.Modular paintings can be divided into horizontal and vertical sections. However, in both cases, it is critical that they run strictly parallel to each other.

4.It is extremely undesirable to place modular paintings too high or too low from the floor, as this will greatly distort their perception. At eye level is the most advantageous position.

5.Because the paintings fade over time, it is best to keep them away from direct sunlight. You can also use a special backlight to illuminate the image.

6.If the parts of the composition are at different levels relative to each other during the preliminary preparation stage, measurements must be taken to determine the height of this offset.

How to Hang a Picture Over Your Bed A spot for poppies

FengShui does not provide a rigid framework for the placement of poppies in the home. Everything here is, for the most part, limited to the usual logic. Do you wish to attract love or strengthen your relationship? Display the painting in the bedroom (preferably closer to the bed). If poppies sparkle with their colors on your bedroom bedding, it’s only for the best; such an effect has a far more powerful meaning than paintings.

If you want to settle quarrels and misunderstandings with your family, place images in other rooms, such as the living room or dining room. Poppies should not be ignored in a study, office, or other room where a business is conducted or a career is being built. There are many different versions of paintings with poppies available right now, which will come in handy even in the most serious institution.

Keeping live poppies at home is, of course, extremely difficult, so either grow them in the garden if the house is private, or enjoy bright and high-quality sketches of artists by purchasing their paintings. Paintings, by the way, are not the only way to incorporate FengShui poppies into your home. You can now purchase wonderful wall stickers, decorative products in the shape of a poppy, or create something yourself. Except for the prohibition of dead or dried flowers, fengshui will limit the flight of fantasy. Aside from that, there are numerous options.

You will not be disappointed if you let the poppy into your home. At the very least because this plant, in and of itself, exudes optimism and a carefree attitude toward life. It will easily fit into any apartment’s interior design. And the flower’s multifaceted nature, as well as its properties that never cease to surprise and delight, will be a wonderful addition to the owner’s collection.

Another grandmother’s painting with a cross embroidered on it.

The picture should hang smoothly and securely on the wall. You can hang it with threads, ropes, and screws, or you can buy fastening “loops,” which are not always possible to fasten (or glue) exactly in the center of the picture.

I use baguette fasteners that are only found in baguette workshops.

Which dowel should the picture be hung on? A straightforward mount for the painting. In 5 minutes, I hung a picture.

Braided wire and special mounts for paintings

A wire is twisted and inserted into one of the loops. Then, in the second loop, the same thing happens. When twisting, the wire should be stretched as much as possible.

Mounting evaluation.

This mount is strong enough to hold large paintings. It can withstand the weight of large paintings with heavy frames and glass. The mount is simple to install (it took me less than 5 minutes) and inexpensive.

I’ve experimented with a variety of fasteners over the course of several years and dozens of paintings. Ropes and thick threads were constantly stretched. Metal braided wire does not stretch and can be kept in place for decades.

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