Baby Sunscreen Stick : Why It Should Be In Your Travel Bag

Is there anything better than seeing kids out playing, climbing trees and otherwise having fun on a sunny day? Especially when talking about young children, outdoor life is appealing, but as a parent, the issue of sun protection is a prominent one. In this blog, we look at why the solution you use should be a baby sunscreen stick

What Benefits Come From Using One?

In terms of actual sun protection, using a sunscreen stick doesn’t offer any additional benefits over lotions and sprays. However, there are some very real functional advantages to using one. Some of the many benefits that offer include:

  • They’re fun – if there’s one factor that matters when it comes to getting your kid’s buy-in, it’s fun. Your average baby sunscreen stick is a lot like body and face paint to a toddler, so getting them involved is made that much easier. What’s more, instilling a sunscreen routine in your child early on will go a long way to ensuring they practice good sun protection throughout their lives.
  • They’re easier to apply – take your mind back to the last time you saw sunscreen lotion and young children brought together. The likelihood is that it ended up in a mess, but you’ll have no such worries with a stick, as they go on without any spillages.
  • No drips = complaints – another common occurrence for parents when applying sunscreen to their kids is splashes and complaining when it drips near their eyes. Just one instance where sunscreen gets near or in the eyes can put them off for a long time, but when using a stick, it’s impossible to splash them at all!
  • It goes where you want it to – miss any part of your child’s skin with a lotion and you risk the unpleasantness that usually accompanies sunburn. Also, you significantly increase the chances of them getting skin cancer later in life. However, when you use a sunscreen stick, it’s so much easier to ensure that none of their skin gets missed.

What shouldn’t be overlooked is the fact that kids love things they can play with and a baby sunscreen stick makes sun protection like a fun body art activity. Whenever your child thinks that something’s a chore, they’re not usually in the mood to get involved, but when it’s a game – that’s a whole different matter!

Don’t Leave Home With Your Baby Sunscreen Stick

Your goal as a parent is to make the application of sunscreen as much a part of your child’s routine as brushing their teeth or combing their hair. When using ideal products like a sunscreen stick, you can let them get on with it themselves without the fear of a huge mess being created.

Remember also that it’s a habit that should be encouraged all-year-round – not just when the sun’s out – as sun damage can happen during any of the four seasons. Also don’t forget to use a product with at least an SPF of 50 if you can. 

When applying a mineral stick, you’ll be able to let them go straight out and start playing once you’re sure they’re completely covered, but with a chemical brand, you’ll need to wait 30 minutes for it to be absorbed.

Once the damage is done, it’s done, so don’t risk your child’s health and start using a sunscreen stick for their everyday needs.


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