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How to Find the Best Rodent Control near Me: A Guide

Did you know that almost 15 million US households reported seeing rodents in their homes in the last year? Not only are rodents unsightly, but they can be carriers of disease and parasites. And they can often breed faster than you can trap them using mousetraps.

We’re sure we don’t have to convince you that pest control is essential if you see a mouse or a rat. No one wants to share their home with wild rodents. But, you might need a bit of guidance when it comes to picking a rodent control company.

Just googling “rodent control near me,” won’t cut it. It might get you the closest company, but not necessarily the best. Read on to learn how to get rid of rodents once and for all!

Experience and History

Rodents can be sneaky. They’re skilled at hiding, avoiding traps, and nesting in your walls. This means you need a rodent control company that has experience with these tricky creatures.

The longer a pest control company has been in business, the more familiar they are with the patterns and tendencies of mice and rats. Newer pest companies can still be of good quality, but if you have the luxury of choice, go for a company that has a good, long history.

Satisfied Customers

Don’t just take the company’s word for it that they’re the best. Get real feedback about their results from previous customers.

Did the technicians conduct themselves with professionalism and transparency? And, most importantly, did they get rid of the pests? If a lot of reviewers report that their pests came back, this means that their treatments might not be very effective.

License and Qualifications

A rodent control company works with dangerous chemicals that can put your family and your pets in danger when not used correctly. You want a company that is certified to use hazardous chemicals properly.

So, qualifications and proper licensing are non-negotiable when looking for pest control services. Ask your technicians if they’re both licensed and insured. If you want further confirmation, you can contact the National Pest Management Association.

Pest-Free Guarantees

You should only have to enlist rodent control services once. After treatment, your pests should be gone. So, when selecting a company, look for a pest-free guarantee.

A reputable company should stand by their methods and should ensure that your pests will be gone after the full course of treatment. If their website is unclear on this point, call them and ask about their pest-elimination guarantee and what types of refunds they offer.

The Best Rodent Control Near Me

With this guide, you should be able able to pick the best rodent control in the area. You can start by searching for “rodent control near me,” then filter the list based on the above criteria. That way, you’ll get effective and efficient pest control services that will eliminate your pests once and for all!

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