How to Filter and Clean Indoor Air to Keep You Healthy

Our state of health largely depends on the air we breathe. Dust, emissions from industrial enterprises and transport, excess carbon dioxide do not have the best effect on the human body. But if you monitor the quality of the environment and regularly clean the atmosphere at home, it will benefit our condition. There are many ways to do this.


A couple of times a day, it is necessary to open the windows for ventilation. But the weather does not always allow for this. The house’s location near the motorway also does not contribute to the aeration of the premises: suspensions from transport emissions can worsen the air in the place even more. What should you do? Purchase a device such as Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. HVAC supplies filter outdoor air and create a suitable indoor climate. Harmful impurities and microorganisms are deposited on the filters, and they must be periodically cleaned or replaced. Today, there are models on sale that clean the air and carry out its humidification and ionization. The last operation means that active ions appear in the air. The atmosphere becomes fresh as if a thunderstorm has just passed.


Flowers and other house plants also effectively cleanse the atmosphere of the home. You need to make sure that dust does not accumulate on their leaves. Then the plants will work most efficiently for you. The problem is that many plants are sorely lacking in sunlight during the winter months since the day does not last long. Plants need artificial lighting. To provide enough light, you can use LED grow lights. Be careful when buying products in unverified locations. The market is overflowing with cheap fakes that may shine in the wrong spectrum. The wavelength may be incorrect. The lamps may be made of low-quality materials and therefore will not last long. The declared power may not correspond to reality. Consider the advice of a professional when choosing LED grow lights.

Air conditioning

Another device that has recently become universal is an air conditioner. Traditionally, it is designed to cool the air, but modern models can work as heaters. The ionization function is also available in some versions. When purchasing, pay attention to whether the device has a self-cleaning option. Such devices are the most convenient to use. The second point that you need to find out from the seller or in the instructions is the power of the device and the temperature range in which it is capable of operating. Some air conditioners also can purify the air using ultraviolet radiation or other technologies.

Quartz or salt lamp

One of the most reliable devices that purify the air with the highest quality is a quartz lamp. Indeed we all saw how it works, visiting clinics and other medical institutions. The use of this lamp has its inconveniences. It must be turned on for quite a long time. And at the same time, people and pets should not be indoors. So to use it, you need to have at least two rooms. The salt lamp looks interesting. It can also become an original interior feature. Salt is well known as an absorber of harmful substances floating in the atmosphere, and therefore the device works very productively. But to start its work, it needs to warm up well.

Wet cleaning

The easiest and most effective way to maintain hygiene at home is wet cleaning. It is helpful in every sense, including for air sanitation and prevention of its pollution. Only chemistry should not be used in this case, and there are too many side effects. Dry cleaning with a vacuum cleaner will also help. Only filters and dust collectors need to be changed regularly. Since wet cleaning is one of the most effective ways to achieve clean air in an apartment, you need to create conditions for it: organize the storage of things, put clothes, books, and dishes in closed cabinets and containers, leaving a maximum of open horizontal surfaces free.

Final Words

Do not neglect the cleanliness of the indoor air. Fresh air improves the quality of both plants and human life. Increases lung function and allows them to cleanse the body quickly, improves heart rate, normalizes blood pressure, metabolism and metabolism.

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