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How to Decorate a Home: A Quick Guide

Does your home still have its original wood paneling or shag carpeting? If so, it might be time to consider a home decor overhaul.

The process of decorating an entire house can be overwhelming, though, so let us help! Keep reading to find our tips on how to decorate a home.

Start With the Rooms Centerpiece

The easiest way to choose the decor for your home is to start with the centerpiece of each room. The centerpiece is often the largest piece of furniture, the most expensive, or the most decorative. Once you know what the centerpiece will be, you can choose the accessorizing pieces.

Your bed will be the centerpiece of your bedroom. Once you choose the headboard, you can begin picking out the smaller furnishings. Your nightstands and dresser should complement the bed.

The sofa is the centerpiece of the living room. Will you have one sofa or do you plan on having a loveseat and a chair as well? When you know your seating arrangements, you can choose your TV stand and coffee and end tables.

Paint, Paint, Paint

One of our best home decor tips is to transform your rooms with paint. Don’t take the process of choosing paint lightly, though. The colors that you choose can affect the feel and mood of your space.

Consider learning a bit about color psychology before choosing your colors.

Warm colors like red and orange can raise the room’s energy level. Red can also encourage love, passion, and anger. An orange room can evoke excitement and promote activity.

Cooler colors like green, blue, or purple can have a calming effect on a room. Green and blue can be soothing and stress-relieving colors. Lighter purples are great for relaxation.

Pick the Right Decorative Accents

When it comes to decorating a house, accent pieces can make all the difference.

Mirrors, for example, are a must-have in your home. as can make any space feel bigger and brighter. Don’t put a mirror across from a window, though. Hang your mirrors on walls perpendicular to windows to bounce light around the room better.

Throw pillows and blankets can make your living and bed rooms cozier. Be sure to consider the color palette of your room before deciding which to buy.

Styling your bookshelves can add a lot to your space. Vary how you stack the books by laying some horizontal and standing some vertical. Add elements like plants, wood decor, or pottery to beautify the shelving.

Consider Your Lighting

Every home needs three different types of lighting.

General lighting provides the illumination you need throughout your day. It comes from your home’s chandeliers and ceiling and wall fixtures.

Task lighting does as its name suggests — provide illumination to help you accomplish tasks. Reading, sewing, cooking, and playing games all need a specific type of light. Under-cabinet lights, pendant lighting, and lamps are all great examples of task lighting.

Accent lighting adds a touch of drama to your room. It is an aesthetic form of lighting that is used to spotlight a specific area of your home. You can use it near paintings, sculptures, or decorative drapery.

How to Decorate a Home Made Easy

Your home is sure to be stunning once you implement our tips. When you know how to decorate a home, you can truly start to make it yours.

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