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How to Deal With Lawn Rust

Did you know that landscaping and lawn maintenance can increase your home’s value by 10 percent to buyers? Of course, rust on your lawn might work the opposite way and decrease your home’s value.

Grass rust is a powdery substance that typically has an orange or rusty color. It can either occur in spots or fully cover blades of grass.

Luckily, it’s possible to get rid of lawn rust using a few easy techniques. The following guide will explain exactly how to treat rust on your lawn and reclaim your yard.

Lawn Fertilization

Start by fertilizing your grass with a nitrogen fertilizer such as Revive to stop the rust. Using fertilization offers your grass everything it needs to survive through the rust issue. It also reduces the chances of any rust returning to your yard.

Try to add fertilizers quickly in the early rust stages when it looks like tiny, yellow specks on the blades of grass. Keep in mind that lack of nitrogen and humid weather often causes lawn rust.

Water Your Grass Early

Always water your grass early in the mornings to give it plenty of time to dry throughout the day. Doing so will help prevent any additional growth of lawn rust.

Regular watering also helps your lawn grow faster which helps stop fungus from developing. It also helps prevent other grass diseases and keeps your soil hydrated.

Regular Mowing

Mow your grass regularly to cut off the top portion of grass rust fungus. It lets the remaining grass receive better air circulation and limits how long the grass is wet. Mowing essentially stunts the growth of the fungus to help get your lawn under control.

Always use a grass catcher with your mower so that the clippings don’t cover your grass. Simply rake up any remaining grass clippings if you don’t have a mower with a grass catcher.

Hose down your lawnmower after mowing to clear away any residual rust dust. Washing your mower helps prevent the fungus from spreading to other portions of your yard.

Prevention Techniques

Aerating your lawn each year is a great way to stop grass rust from happening. You should also try to limit shady areas in your yard if possible.

Make sure that your yard has proper drainage after watering and heavy rains. If your grass is consistently damp, it’s much more vulnerable to grass rust.

Is Lawn Rust Harmful?

Fortunately, lawn rust isn’t harmful to humans or pets. So, don’t be alarmed if your furry friend ends up with an orange dusting on their coat!

Keep in mind that fungicides should only be a last resort option to get rid of grass rust. Most fungicides contain toxic chemicals and they’re typically used by professionals for extreme lawn rust outbreaks.

Ready to End Lawn Rust?

Now you know several ways to eliminate and prevent lawn rust from ruining your perfect yard. Remember to use nitrogen fertilizers, water early in the morning, and mow regularly.

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