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How To Clean Glass Bottles Like a Pro

Did you know that a single person in the US generates around 221kg of plastic waste per year?

Are you looking to reduce waste and save money on your drinks?

There are loads of benefits to drinking out of glass versus plastic. However, it can be a bit more tricky to clean and maintain. If you’re not careful and diligent, you could introduce chemicals into your beverage.

To learn more, read our guide on how to clean glass water bottles, so they last you a long time!

Bottle Brush Scrubbing

One of the best ways to clean glass bottles is to use a bottle brush scrubber. These scrubbers are specifically designed to clean the inside of glass bottles and are very effective at removing dirt and grime.

Simply wet the brush and insert it into the bottle. Use a circular motion to scrub the inside of the bottle and then rinse away the dirt and grime. You will be amazed at how clean your bottles will look and how easy it is to do. Also, you can view these Boston round bottles if you’re interested in getting top-quality glass bottles today.

How to Clean Glass Bottles: Rice Soaking

Rice soaking is another great way to clean glass bottles like a pro. All you need is some rice and a little bit of water. Simply put the rice and water into the bottle and shake it around for a few minutes.

The rice will help to scrub the inside of the bottle and remove any dirt or grime. Rinse the bottle out with clean water, and it will be as good as new!

Sterilizing Glass Bottles

Sterilization is an important part of glass bottle cleaning. This will kill any germs that might be lurking on the surfaces of the bottles.

To sterilize glass bottles, you can either use boiling water or a chemical sanitizer. Boiling water is the most effective method, but it can take a bit longer. Chemical sanitizers are also effective, but you need to make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

The Vinegar Trick

Cleaning glass bottles with vinegar is a popular cleaning method because it is effective and easy to do. Vinegar is acidic, so it cuts through dirt and grime easily.

To clean a glass bottle with vinegar, simply fill the bottle with vinegar and water and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, use a brush to scrub the inside of the bottle clean. Rinse the bottle with water and let it air dry.

There are many benefits to cleaning glass bottles with vinegar, as it is a natural and effective way to remove dirt and grime. Vinegar is also environmentally friendly and does not contain any harmful chemicals. In addition, vinegar is very inexpensive and can be used on a variety of different surfaces.

Clean Your Glass Bottles and Help the Environment in the Process

One way to reduce your environmental footprint is to recycle and reuse items like glass bottles. But it’s important to clean them before doing so! Follow the tips above on how to clean glass bottles for the best results.

It’s a quick and easy way to do your part for the planet. So next time you finish that bottle of water or soda, make sure to give it a good rinse before recycling!

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