How to Choose the Best Email Address for Your Business Communications

Did you know 85% of people in the United States are active email users?

That’s why email is one of the best ways to reach people for business purposes. But it’s often the first impression you make on people. So using a professional email address is crucial if you want to make an excellent first impression.

Continue reading to learn how you can create the perfect email address for your business communications as a small business owner.

Consider the Features

First, you want to consider what features you’re looking for in an email. Not every email service offers the same ones.

If mobile access is important to you, that might narrow down the list. Next, look at all other features, including spam blocking, sorting options, account integration, secure communication, etc.

Look at Domain Names

Your email will display the site’s domain name you set up your email with in all your email communication. For example, a Google email address ends in “”

While it might not seem like a big deal considering sites like Google are widely used for creating email addresses, it can make you come off as less professional. Therefore, it’s better to have an email affiliated with your website.

It makes you seem more professional and trustworthy than any alternative. In addition, it’s easy to identify you and confirm you actually work with the company represented on the site.

Plus, all your employees can have the same email account domain name, making it easier for customers to trust them.

Carefully Choose Usernames

The username itself is what makes up the first part of your email. Using generic email usernames like “sales” or “accounting” works great for catchall emails for departments.

But using generic names like that when departments have multiple people will quickly get confusing as your business grows. So instead, it’s better to have each email address affiliated with a specific person.

Using the first name and last initial is a popular option. It allows you to differentiate between employees if multiple have the same first name. And it’s brief and professional.

You might also consider using full names.

Keep Professionalism at the Forefront

One last thing to keep in mind is how important professionalism is throughout your business. If your business name is quirky or funny, make sure it sounds okay as a domain name and part of an email address.

Also, make sure when first and last names are put together, they don’t create any inappropriate sounding words when people try to make out the email address.

Keeping attention to detail throughout this process is crucial.

Let Your Business Communications Set the Standard

If your business communications start with a well-crafted email coming from a professional email address, it’ll set an excellent standard for what’s to come.

Keep these points in mind as you set up your email address to achieve the best results!

If you want to read more quick business tips, please check out our site for more.

Keep these points in mind as you set up your email address to achieve the best results!

If you want to read more quick business tips, please check out our site for more.


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