How to Care for Your Sensitive Nether Regions

About 20% to 40% of American women aged 15 to 44 use a vaginal douche.

Unfortunately, these women don’t know vaginal douching causes more harm than good. It increases the risk of vaginal infections and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Sadly, many women are too shy to speak up about these vaginal health issues.

And that’s why it’s hard for them to seek help from friends and relatives.
So, what can you do to improve your vaginal health and prevent these issues?

To help you out, here’s how to care for your sensitive nether regions.

Wash Your Vulva but Skip the Vagina

The vagina cleans itself, so you don’t need to clean it. It has a natural protective layer that defends against pathogens. Washing your vaginas messes with the acidity of this layer, increasing the risk of vaginal infections.

So, learn what is normal vaginal ph and how to maintain it. The idea is to find out how to avoid interfering with natural vagina self-cleaning mechanisms. So, although it’s okay to clean down there, avoid cleaning the inside of your vagina.

Avoid Using Scented Wipes and Vaginal Deodorants

One of the biggest myths women believe is that the vagina should always smell like flowers. And that’s why many women today use scented wipes and vaginal deodorants to achieve this smell. Unfortunately, these products negatively affect the natural balance of your vagina.

Stop using these products to enhance your vaginal wellness and health. Understand it’s normal for the vagina smell to change at different times. Also, if you’re concerned about vaginal odor, see a doctor instead of using vaginal deodorants.

Choose the Right Clothing

To improve vaginal wellness, you must learn to choose the right clothing. You want to wear comfortable underwear/pants made of quality materials.

Here are clothing rules to follow to enhance vaginal health and wellness:

  • Choose cotton underwear as cotton absorbs moisture fast
  • Change underwear and clothes after working out
  • Avoid tight-fitting underwear to minimize sweating in the vaginal area
  • Don’t wear a wet swimsuit all-day

Observe the above clothing tips to minimize the risk of vaginal health issues. If doubtful about which underwear to buy, consult experts. The idea is to get professional guidance on the key things to check when shopping for women’s underwear.

Sleep Without Clothes

Sleeping without clothes will improve air circulation down there. Besides, the overall cool temperatures will help you sleep better.

Care Good Care of Your Nether Regions to Improve Vaginal Health

Rely on the above tips to learn to take care of your sensitive nether regions. The idea is to discover the dos and don’ts of good vaginal health. So, do clean your vulva but don’t clean the inside of your vagina. The idea is to discover the dos and don’ts of good vaginal health. So, do clean your vulva but don’t clean the inside of your vagina.

Also, wear the right underwear to enhance air circulation and reduce sweating.

Don’t use scented wipes and vaginal deodorants as they mess up the natural balance of your vagina.

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