How to Care For and Maintain Your Industrial Equipment

People often overestimate the resilience of industrial equipment. They often believe this equipment must be invulnerable because it can perform hard labor.

In reality, heavy machinery requires significant industrial equipment maintenance. A good maintenance program keeps these tools in the right working order.

In contrast, leaving this machinery unmaintained causes poor performance. Eventually, this can lead to breakdowns.

Heavy equipment is incredibly costly to repair or replace so it is crucial to keep a regular maintenance program.

So, how can companies clean their industrial equipment? If that’s what you want to know, keep reading! We’ll give some maintenance tips for heavy equipment in our article below.

Provide Ongoing Machine Operator Training

One way to keep your heavy equipment in shape is to provide operator training. Industrial machinery usually has several operators at once. Each of these operators will receive an operation inspection to ensure they use the machinery correctly.

Many managers think this training is a one-time process. However, it should remain consistent. After all, employees can leave and be replaced.

Each new employee should receive comprehensive training in handling this equipment. Likewise, employees who haven’t done this work in a while should receive a refresher. Otherwise, they may forget important information as they operate the technology.

Frequently Use Lubricants for Industrial Equipment

Heavy gears and technology produce lots of friction in your industrial equipment. Over time, this friction can wear down the machinery.

That’s why lubricants are so important. Lubrication can reduce friction in any part of your machinery.

But, lubrication isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Make sure you use the right lubricant for each machine.

Otherwise, you may do more harm than good. Check with lubricant grease manufacturers to find the best option for your technology.

You can also test the lubricants to ensure they lack any contamination. If they fail the test, you can use this information to isolate the problem.

Look For Signs of Wear and Tear

As mentioned before, several things can cause your machinery to become worn down. Vibration, shocks, friction, and age can cause your heavy equipment to break down.

So, look for signs that your equipment is wearing down. For example, age can cause your belts to warp. Likewise, your seals may dry and crack.

You may also notice that your machinery vibrates more than usual. This problem often stems from misaligned gears and belts.

Keep Your Work Environment and Machinery Clean

Several machine parts help your equipment stay clean, such as your seals. So, check on these parts’ conditions to ensure your machine stays clean.

Also, make sure you store your equipment in the right locations. Outdoor equipment should stay in sheds when nobody uses them. This way, they’re not exposed to the elements in your off-hours.

Begin Your Industrial Equipment Maintenance

Industrial equipment plays a vital role in your business. The last thing you want is to see it break down.

So, use these tips to begin an industrial equipment maintenance routine. This way, you can make this machinery last for years to come!

We hope you enjoyed this article! If so, we have several other pieces with tips for maintaining and cleaning industrial equipment. Check out that other content for more helpful information.


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