How to Calculate VRT?

The acronym VRT stands for the Vehicle Registration Tax. The tax is levied on the vehicle when you first register your car under the government of Ireland. According to the survey of the central statistics office in Ireland, around 3 million people own vehicles.

Among them, around 2.2 million cars are paying the vehicle registration tax to the Ireland government. These millions of people use the VRT calculator to predict the amount of tax they need to pay.

In this blog, the VRT calculator and how people calculate vehicle registration tax will be discussed. The national car testing service or the NCTS heads the vehicle registration tax in Ireland.

People owning cars must pay this tax within the first 30 days to avoid any additional fines. The Irish government is quite strict about the vehicle registration tax. Thus, people have established different VRT calculators to shed off the burden of extra payment.

The process of calculating the vehicle registration taxes is described below.

The Ireland government has started collecting the revenue from the cars that enter Ireland from outside the country. The visitor’s car or the tourists’ cars are exempted from the vehicle registration taxes as they will not be there in the country for very long.

In the year 1993, the Irish government started levying the VRT on cars. For the benefit of the people and to avoid last-minute confusion, they have introduced the VRT calculators.

The VRT calculator is an automated system available for the citizens and non-citizens of Ireland who are planning to enter the country with their cars. Entering with a car in Ireland is no big deal.

You just need to calculate the vehicle registration tax by the VRT calculator and make the payment. You will be given the certificate of successful payment of the revenue by the government.

The VRT calculator predicts the amount that needs to be paid by some criteria.

  1. The foremost criteria are the OMS (open market selling) price of the vehicle.
  2. The revenue amount of the motorcycle depends on the size of the engines.
  3. The revenue amount depends on the carbon dioxide emissions from the cars.
  4. Specific motor vehicles like fire engines and ambulances do not pay the vehicle registration tax.
  5. The revenue is basically 200 EUR or 13.3% that mainly varies to the commercial cars.

There are different categories for the revenue collections, ranging from category A to M. If you want to use the VRT calculator, you need to have your UK vehicle registration number, the model of the car you are using and the version of the motor vehicle is needed. While you open the VRT calculator, you need to put your vehicle registration number along with the details asked.

The Vehicle registration tax is again distributed in the following classification-


In short, the Vehicle registration tax is revenue that is collected by the Irish government to track the incoming of motor vehicles into their boundaries. As we have heard of much news in recent times, the VRT calculator is in trend, which is actually helping people to survive the tax payment.

As discussed above, the procedure of calculating the vehicle registration tax is simple. You have to know some basics in order to maintain the equilibrium. We have tried to explain the process of the VRT calculator in easy steps.

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