Electric Cars – A Detailed Explanation

How Did Electric Cars Come To Reality?

We might think that the electric car technology is the latest of all car technologies. But this is not true, in fact this is nowhere near the factual knowledge about electric cars. Electric cars first came into existence as early as in the 1830s.

Yes, it is very much true that electric cars used to exist back then in the nineteenth century. However, due to lack of technology and power supply, the complete model of electric cars was rejected as it was considered to be highly impractical. Many developers continued to improvise the design of the conventional electric cars.

Finally in the year 1859, a fully functional electric car was developed in the small countryside of France. And that is how all the mighty electric car designs today have come into reality.

What Makes Electric Cars Any Different From Other Cars?

Electric cars are driven and powered by magnanimous batteries that are rechargeable. These batteries store energy in them and then this energy is used to operate the cars whenever and however we want. These battery-operated electric cars are in many ways more reliable than all other fuel driven vehicles.

Let us take a look at a few benefits that electric cars have over fuel driven cars:

They present no fuel demand – 

inflation in the fuel prices is the biggest concern of the Indian economy and to control these, we need a reliable energy source that can act as an alternative for the fuel. In this condition, electric cars are the most efficient option that can save the Indian economy from hitting the rock bottom as they require no fuel.

Convenient for a refill –

petrol pumps take several precious minutes from our day in order to receive a refill for your fuel tank. However, electric cars can be easily recharged anywhere and anytime. We do not require special power outlets to recharge our batteries.

Cost effectiveness –  

As we have already discussed above that, electric cars do not require any fuel therefore they become the most cost-effective car technology automatically as fuel makes up for more than half of the car expenditures

Environment friendly – 

Above all the other things, this particular point is the greatest advantage to the rising pollutants in the atmosphere lately. It is estimated that if all the fuel cars were to be replaced by electric cars then we can reduce the pollution emissions by 45% and that is a very significant number. Almost half of the pollutants can be eradicated from our planet and we can look forward to a happier and healthier life as a community.

Other than these mainstream advantages, electric cars also provide several side benefits to the user such as low cost of maintenance, more stability to the vehicle, low expenditure on purchasing, lesser noise pollution and convenient to drive. 

Top 3 Best Selling Electric Cars Available in India

Let us take a look at some of the best models of electric cars in India 

Tata Nexon EV –  

This is the best electric car that can fit in your decent budget. It works on a 30.2 kWh battery and is the most efficient among all other electric cars available in India. Also, It can easily cover distances as large as 312 km when it is completely charged. It was introduced at a showroom price of 14 lakhs INR.

Hyundai Kona Electric – 

This overall the best option among all electric cars available in India. This car is operated by a splendid 39.2 kWh battery that can pull off distances as large as 400 km in one run. Its working is as magnificent as its looks as it can easily hit 100 kmph within 10 seconds. This car is not so budget friendly as it costs you somewhere between 24-25 lakhs. But once you buy it, you realize that it is worth each and every penny of its price.

Mahindra E Verito –

It is the most economical choice for an electric car if you are looking for one under the price range of 10 lakhs. It is not as powerful as the above two options but it can pull off distances as large as 142 kms when it is completely charged. However, this car is not highly recommended because it has very poor safety measures in it.


This is the end of our journey with the knowledge of electric cars for today. We hope you found this blog insightful and helpful as you completed reading it. This is all the information we have to offer for electric cars in India for now.

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