How to Become a Digital Marketer in India: Top Digital Marketing Courses in India

Digital Marketing combines the reach and accessibility of the internet to enable us to market our products across the world via various channels like search engines, emails, social media platforms, websites, and mobile applications. 

Digital Marketing course helps in building knowledge and developing a career in Digital Marketing. There are several institutes offering digital marketing course in bangalore. Digital Marketers are responsible to develop marketing campaigns and strategies based on their competitors. Digital Marketing allows Digital Marketers to interact with and understand their audience better and to increase their trust in their brand.

To become a digital marketer in India, you need to have the below-mentioned important skill sets.

1) Search Engine Optimization – SEO is the process of using keywords to increase the quality of organic traffic to your website from search engines. SEO involves on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

  1. On-page SEO – 
  • Keyword research – Identify the keywords with high search volume, high relevancy, and low competition.
  • Technical Audit – Ensure your site is being crawled and indexed.
  • Onsite optimization – Develop high-quality content, meta tags, URL, and sitemaps. 
  • User experience – Create a good website architecture and internal linking structure.

    2. Off-page SEO – 

  • Link Building – It is the practice of navigating links from other websites to your own.

Examples of SEO tools are Google key planner, Moz, Semrush, etc.

2) Search Engine Marketing – SEM is the practice of marketing a business using paid advertisements on search engines and other websites.

Steps involved in SEM

  • Determine your goal and define a budget
  • Choose a list of relevant keywords
  • Finalize your keywords and bid on them
  • Create a compelling headline for your AD campaign
  • Monitor the performance of campaigns and measure results
  • Target your audience with re-marketing campaigns

Examples of SEM tools are Bing ads, AdRoll, Google AdWords editor, etc.

3) Email Marketing – Email Marketing is the best way to convert prospects into customers by sending personalized emails to a targeted audience.

Steps involved in Email Marketing

  • Discover your target audience and create segments
  • Select and create your type of campaign
  • Choose a suitable design for your campaign
  • Create a compelling subject line and email content.
  • Send campaigns immediately or schedule an email.
  • Measure results (open rate, CTR rate, response rate) and perform A/B testing to optimize your campaigns.

Examples of Email Marketing tools are MailChimp, HubSpot, Marketo, etc.

4)  Social Media Marketing – Social Media Marketing involves using social media platforms to promote a particular company’s products or services. 

Steps involved in SMM

  • Choose the suitable social media platforms for your business
  • Find your target audience
  • Create and curate engaging content
  • Choose a social media management tool
  • Test, evaluate, and optimize your results

Examples of Media Marketing tools are Hootsuite, Buffer, sproutsocial, etc.

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5)  Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Marketing is an effective way of digital marketing that involves a merchant who pays commission to one or more affiliates (third party site or entity) for driving sales, leads, or new customers with the help of referrals. 

Steps involved in SMM

  • Choose a tool to find affiliates that can advertise your product
  • Specify the format you would like the affiliate to use
  • Keep a record of the customers who purchase on your website through your affiliates
  • Pay the affiliates based on the commission rate.

Examples of Affiliate Marketing tools are Affiliate, Voluum, Awin, etc.

The Digital Marketing certification course shapes you into a complete digital marketer with expertise in tops domains and tools. Some of the top Digital Marketing Courses in India offered by well-known institutes are as below.

  • Mastering content marketing, SEO, PPC, and digital marketing.
  • Mastering mobile marketing, Social media, and digital strategy.
  • Advanced web analytics.


We have covered the skills required to be acquired by a Digital Marketer. Individuals will develop a complete, systematic, and effective digital marketing strategy through exercises and action plans. If interested, you can take up a digital marketing course available online and enhance your career growth.

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