How the lifestyle of men of USA changed in last 30 years

Over the past few years we can certainly feel that with modernization, the lifestyle of people has considerably changed. And the United States is no exception.

The lifestyle of people in the United States of America has changed considerably in the last 30 years and this has potentially impacted the lifestyle of men as well.

These changes in lifestyle have resulted in so many forms of good and bad aspects that need to be elaborately discussed. Particularly, in a world that we are seeing that health is considerably getting deteriorated, it becomes really necessary for us to find about what are the forms of important steps that are needed to be taken care of.

Rapid modernization in the last 30 years – Are people becoming more superficial?

We can certainly feel that with modernization in the last 30 years, there are rapid forms of urban lifestyle change particularly. People are becoming more serious about their jobs, and ultimately looking into a lifestyle that is completely packed up.

People have hardly any time left in their hands which is causing various forms of problems ultimately. As there is no time left for an individual to look after the basic needs and ultimately succumbing to the superficial demands of society, it is ultimately creating various forms of problems as well.

People are eating more junk food than nutritional food resulting in degrading health quality

Like we all know that how important it is for every individual to be looking out for their health and eat go to nutritious food. But, with change in time people are certainly moving from this habit particularly.

Nowadays it can be seen that people are becoming more prone to eating all the kinds of junk food which serve various forms of calories. Excessive levels of calories are not good for the body and this is ultimately accumulating fat formation in the body.

Particularly, with the advent of fast-food chains that have developed in the United States in the past thirty years, people are becoming more addicted to eating burgers, pizzas, and other stuff instead of focusing on home-cooked meals which would have given more nutritional value.

Both men and working and now putting in hard labour ultimately making the whole society vulnerable

Another key lifestyle change that can potentially be noticed is the fact that men and women are both working tirelessly in the urban sectors.

Previously what used to be taking place was that only meant we’re predominantly working in the urban sector and women acted as a supporting hand. However, with the advent of time people are becoming more progressive and people irrespective of their gender or sexuality are now coming into the working sector.

Now it may sound very progressive and ultimately uplifting the society, but you think that previously where 50% of the population were actually becoming vulnerable to the pressure of work, now almost everyone is coming under this bracket.

As both men and women are commenting themselves into heart forms of laboured whether in the factory, or in the urban sector companies like tech giants, or service sector they are developing stress.

The younger population in America becoming more vulnerable to developing harmful diseases

Also potentially one can figure out from one thing that in America there is more population of younger age group people word developing various forms of illnesses like no other place full stuff even during the pandemic of COVID-19, USA despite being one of the richest country in the world and the most developed economy, the highest number of cases of coronavirus were recorded from here.

This is ultimately showing that how vulnerable the health of men and women has become in the United States and that is something that needs to be addressed. As more people are becoming prone to developing diseases that might make them depend on taking drugs like Cenforce 150, Cenforce 200, and Cenforce 120 from Cenforcepills, it becomes necessary for everyone to be aware of the situation and act accordingly in alleviating their health.


To conclude, one can certainly feel that it becomes essential for every man and woman to understand the various forms of changes that have taken place over the past 30 years and try to minimize the wrong things in it.

There are various forms of societal things that have developed like openness in the society, lesser gender discrimination, and more freedom to people however there are certainly bad things like degrading health quality and poor adaption to a lifestyle is also something that needs to be evaluated properly.

Thinking that everything has progressed over the past 30 years and that there are no problems in society particularly in the healthcare sector is completely bogus and that is something that needs to be eradicated quickly.

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