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How Many Solar Panels Do I Need to Power My Home? A Brief Guide

Are you thinking about going solar?

The sun takes up almost 99.8% of the solar system’s entire mass! The tremendous source of power has been helping homeowners save hundreds on their yearly electricity bills.

As solar technology evolves, panel designs are changing. What used to take an entire roof of solar panels can now be accomplished with just a few highly efficient panels. This guide will break down how to determine your solar needs, along with a few tips for preparing for the installation process.

How many solar panels do I need? Read on to find out!

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?

Before you can answer the question, how many solar panels do I need, you’ll first need to determine your goals. The more specific you can get about your solar panel goals, the easier it’ll be to find an installation process that meets all of your needs.

Are you trying to minimize your household’s carbon footprint? Is your primary goal to save on your monthly energy bill? Were you hoping to get the most significant return on your investment?

Take a moment right now to determine what your household’s average energy requirements are each month. Next, find out what you’re currently using for energy by visiting your utility website. Your energy usage will be measured in watts.

After finding out your energy requirements, you’ll need to consider the location you’re living in. Do you live in a climate that has a lot of sunlight? If yes, you won’t need quite as many panels as you would in an area with low light conditions.

Finally, the quality of the solar panels you’re considering buying and their physical size also matter. If you’re buying top-notch solar panels with the highest rated efficiency, you won’t need to cover as much surface space. At the same time, larger solar panels can be great when you’re using less efficient materials.

Professional Opinion

Having trouble determining your solar power needs? no worries. Visit a solar panel company website, like skylinesolarpower.com, to get a little bit of professional help.

Once you’re sure what the needs of your household are, you can begin to explore the solar panel installation process. You can also ask for firm quotes to help with budgeting.

Solar Panel Installation Process

How exactly do solar panels work? By converting photons that come from the sun, solar panels deliver electricity to your inverter. Your home’s inverter then translates the current into specific currents needed to power your entire electrical grid.

The installation process involves a mounting system, installing a solar inverter, and completing a battery backup system for off-the-grid access. The installation process usually only takes about 1 to 3 days. You won’t be able to install the solar panels yourself, and instead, we’ll need to call on a team of trained professionals.

In-house installers will sometimes offer low rates if you’re willing to set up a power purchase agreement. The power purchase agreement means that you’ll pay for a portion of the electricity that the panels produce over a set amount of time.

What Does Your Roof Look Like?

Last but not least, when going solar, remember to consider the shape of your roof. Solar panels are going to add a lot of weight to your home’s roof.

Always avoid placing solar panels anywhere near your house in chimneys or air vents. These areas are already weighed down, or compromised in some way.

Another thing to consider is the material that your roof is made out of. Asphalt roofs are beautiful candidates for going solar. At the same time, a cement roof might be too brittle.

If you have a cement roof, you still could go solar; you’ll just have to be extra smart about it. For instance, installers can utilize a racking system that doesn’t cause cracks in the cement.

Benefiting From Solar Power

How many solar panels do I need? Now you know the answer entirely depends on the type of house you have, and how much energy you use. If you’re using a conservative amount of energy each month, you can probably get away with a small solar panel installation.

Whereas, if your house is constantly tuned into the grid, you’ll probably need panels to cover the entire roof. Since you won’t know for sure until you reach out to a solar panel company, start making your calls today. For more tips, read another on of our blogs.

Find out exactly what it’ll cost to get an installation, and then begin comparing quotes. If you like this article, then see what the rest of our website has to offer.


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