How Exactly Does DVC Resale Work?

Disney is known for being iconic and creating history. For quite a while Disney was the only animator allowed to make color films.

If you’re fascinated by Disney and want to have a piece of the action then you might think about DVC resale. You might wonder what DVC resale is and how it works.

You’re in luck! Read this article on how DVC resale works today.

What Is a DVC Resale Membership?

A DVC resale differs from a traditional DVC membership. This is when you buy it from the person who owns it instead of Disney.

You might have the benefit of large savings by going this route. You can also sign up right from the comfort of your own home.

How Does a DVC Resale Work?

If you decide that you don’t want to keep your DVC membership anymore then you’ll try to sell it online. There are different companies that’ll try to sell it. If Disney doesn’t buy it back, then you’ll have plenty of time to sell it to a 3rd party.

Will I Receive the Same Benefits Through DVC Resale Listings?

There are some limits when it comes to the timeline for dvc resales. You can’t use your points toward the Adventurer, Disney, and Concierge Collection. Keep in mind that what you can and can’t use points toward continually changes.

You won’t be able to access the Disney Vacation Club incidental benefits. These are also known as Membership Extras. Membership Extras include shopping, dining, special member offers, and member-exclusive events.

Can I Use My Points Toward Other Resorts?

Yes, the DVC resale market lets you enjoy resorts around the globe. You’ll just want to calculate how many points you’ll need first.

How Long Does It Normally Take?

Through DVC availability when it comes to resales, you might wonder how long the entire process will take. It could take a couple of months for the entire process to go through.

Disney could always buy back the contract if they see fit. If they decide not to buy back the contract, then you’ll have the option to close on the contract.

Is the DVC Resale Market Safe?

Verify the company that you’re buying from and it could be safe. Keep in mind that it can only be sold by the owner or someone with their real estate license.

Adding Resale Benefits

Many owners of DVC resale will purchase points into the existing membership. This is a great way to save money overall. Consider the upcoming year in advance and decide how it’ll impact your booking.

The Cons of Buying DVC Resale

The largest con is not having access to all of the DVC benefits. Benefits can include discounts on tickets, dining, and merchandise.

When you buy resale, you’ll still be saving money overall. As you think about this, not getting those membership extras won’t matter as much.

DVC isn’t right for those who want to live spontaneously and not plan their trips in advance. It’s more for those who want to plan their trips in advance.

It’s also best for those who plan on visiting Disney resorts each year. If you don’t, then it might not make economical sense for you and your family.

The Benefits of Buying DVC Resale

Many choose Disney DVC resale because of its amazing benefits. Choosing DVC resale can be much less expensive than buying them from Disney directly. You might be able to find a resort that’s sold out as well.

You can enjoy villas, private rooms, etc. Some could even include private balconies or kitchens. There are other perks depending on the resort such as firework parties, free parking, pools, shuttles, and more.

Renting Points To Pay For It

Keep in mind that the DVC membership and resale can both be quite expensive. In order to save money, you can rent points.

Look into buying a 100-point contract so then you’ll receive the points deposited into your member account. Then you’ll have dues each year that you’ll need to pay.

Take advantage of the 50 points at one resort that you’re interested in. The other 50 points you can rent out. Renting your points out will allow you to save more money overall.

As you rent, this will help you bring down the cost overall for the DVC membership or resale. Keep in mind that the dues each year can increase.

Why It Makes Sense To Choose DVC Resale

First, when taking a look at DVC, you’ll notice that it makes more sense to use cash instead of your points. The best way to use your points is at the different resorts.

The next reason is that the resale process costs less overall. When you compare numbers you’ll notice that the resale price tends to be a better deal than the DVC membership.

Even with the restrictions, it’s still a better deal. Another reason people choose the resale route is that they can do everything right from their homes.

Understanding How DVC Resales Work

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of how DVC resales work. Take your time deciding whether the resale process is right for you and your family. Or you might decide that the traditional DVC resale membership is a better option for you.

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