How E-Cigarette Different From Traditional Cigarette

It is human nature that it get bore from repeated usage of things. That is the reason we like to try new things more often. The brands also try to introduce a changed version of the product to attract new customers. Also, give a valid reason to old customers to continue buying their product. Further, the smokers who smoke traditional cigarettes, are now fed up with the same taste of smoking. So, the brands introduce e-cigarettes which have custom cigarette boxes. The packaging attracts non-smokers. However, there are various flavors in e-cigarettes. Smokers can opt for their favorite flavor in convenient packaging. That is the reason brands workday and improve to improve their product, and their packaging. Likewise, the brands use smart product packaging and convenience of usage to grab the attention of its customers.

In addition, the tobacco sector knows the smokers are getting aware of their health. So, they are working on less harmful smoking products. In this article, we shall discuss the importance of e-cigarettes. Also, the question arises do they are less harmful than traditional smoking. Which contains a large amount of nicotine and tar. Further, we talk about the innovativeness of Custom Cigarette Boxes in the tobacco industry.

Does e-cigarettes less harmful than traditional cigarettes?

The alternative to a traditional cigarettes is the e-cigarette. It is because they are less harmful than traditional smoking. As we all know that smoking is bad for lungs and heart. It contracts blood vessels which ultimately supply a less amount of blood to the heart. That is why smokers often face heart diseases. In addition, the e-cigarette is somehow less harmful to chain smokers. If the chain smokers shift to e-cigarette than they might increase their span of life. Further, the e-cigarettes commonly known as vapes are more convenient to use. They have battery operated devices. Which comes in various forms and looks more stylish and luxurious. Although, the shelf life of e-cigarette is less than traditional cigarette. It is because the former has e-juice that contains flavor in delicate cartridge. Although, e-cigarettes come in different forms such as vaping pens, pods, and mod.

However, there is health risk in all tobacco products. So whether the smoker smokes e-cigarette or traditional cigarette. Both are not risk free. Similarly, people are more advanced towards their health than before. Adding more the e-cigarette can also cause serious health issues such as breathing, lungs cancer and wheezing. The flavors of e-cigarette such as candy, bubblegum, fruity, menthol have popularity among teenagers. Further, in vascular function smoker’s vascular health has improved with the usage of e-cigarette. It has seen significant improvement in women’s health rather than men.

Why smoking is not suitable for young people

At the age of 14 or 15, young people start smoking by looking at their seniors. They start to follow them in order to look more mature and classy. It is because at that certain age the youngsters do not fall in children’s category nor in adult category. So adjusting themselves in adulthood. They start to follow their elders. However, the presence of nicotine in e-cigarette can harm the mental growth of youngsters. It is because the development of growth cells slows down during the consumption of nicotine. In addition, the manufactures of e-cigarette target youngsters to use their products more. It is because the packaging of cigarette boxes with prints of flavor used in the e-cigarette grans the attention of the smokers.

Furthermore, it is debatable whether the vaping product contains nicotine or not. But inhaling such products in early age is injurious to health. Also, it gives relaxation to other youngsters to smoke e-cigarette, if even they never thought to smoke. If the addiction remains constant or increases with time, then they are more likely to use advanced smoking products. Which are worse for human health. On the national level, no country advertises cigarette products. It is because people will become more aware of smoking products in young age.

Increase the life expectancy with e-cigarette

As a result, most people have given up tobacco cigarettes in favor of a healthier substitute, such as an e-cigarette or vape. Doctors have used the same reasoning when recommending it for those who are addicted to tobacco smoking. Tobacco cigarettes have a low level of social acceptance. However, the traditional cigarette packaging is dull and attracts little now to the smokers. Therefore, most people refrain from smoking in public in order to maintain a positive social image. E-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular among people because of the product of bespoke custom cigarette boxes.

In addition, the life expectancy increase with the use of e-smoking. It is because it does not produce any smoke. So the other people do not get affected by the smoke. Also, the presence of nicotine is relatively less in vaping than in traditional smoking. Although, people have become more conscious about their health. They want to like long and healthy life.

Vaping is more than an addiction

As a style of smoking, vaping is more than just an addiction. Because of its popularity, smokers use the vapor style. Therefore, the appearance of smoking products is as important to smokers as their functionality. While the vape is an addictive product, it has brought significant benefits to non-smokers. Everyone understands that tobacco and nicotine are bad for health. The difference between vaping and smoking is that vaping doesn’t harm internal organs like cigarettes do. With great packaging, you can offer consumers safe smoking alternatives and the best possible packaging. Although smokers which like to have an ample amount of e-cigarette can have wholesale cigarette boxes. These boxes contain vaping product at low cost.

Lastly, it is well said that excess of everything is bad. Whether you consume traditional cigarette or e-cigarette. One has to face the consequences if they smoke excessively. Although, the e-cigarette packaging has attraction because of customized boxes. The e-cigarette packaging somehow attracts the non-smokers too. Thus, consumption of smoking in limited amount is less harmful to health.

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