How do you adjust the Carburetor on a Poulan Pro Chainsaw?

The carburetor on a Poulan chainsaw has a single feature that allows adjusting it with a tool so that you can increase or decrease the idle speed of the chainsaw. Although, when you buy the chainsaw, the carburetor is set correctly when manufactured in the factory. If you use the chainsaw and identify any fault in the working of the engine or due to its poor performance then you will need to adjust the setting of the carburetor. If you make your engine work at a very high speed then it can damage your chainsaw or it will make the work ineffective. Similarly, if you run your engine slowly than its normal speed, you will need to restart your engine often. Moreover, if you are tired of searching for the best chainsaws online then we would suggest you to end this search by visiting as they have an amazing variety of them and that too on quite cheap rates.

Well, to understand the adjustment of the carburetor on a Poulan Pro chainsaw then here are some simple steps to follow:

Carburetor function:

The functioning of the carburetor in the Poulan Pro chainsaw is very similar to the carburetor of other small automobiles.

Well, if you want to make the fuel mixture richer in the carburetor then you can adjust it by adding some more fuel and oil to the air mixture. But if you want to make the fuel mixture leaner then try to reduce the oil and fuel mixture ratio to the air.

Ideal speed problems:

If you find out that your chainsaw carburetor died while starting it on then it is required to make some adjustments in your carburetor or else it will make it hard for you to start under a load. If you come across such a case then the first thing you should do is to increase the fuel and oil ratio to the air. But make sure that if you enrich the mixture it will make the chainsaw run very fast and it will create a high-pitched sound. If this happens then try to reduce the mixture so that you can prevent the engine from being damaged.

Safety first:

Maintain safety while you are adjusting your carburetor, try to place the chainsaw on a flat surface along with the chain hanging to the surface or you can place it to a place where it will not come in contact with anything. Also, you need to wear protective gear like protective glasses and protective gloves because when you are adjusting the carburetor the chain will be moving during that period.

High and low-speed adjustments:

Well, if you want to adjust your carburetor to its ideal speed then just try to locate the idle speed screw that is located above the primer build and it must be labeled as a “T”. Now your idle speed is adjusted, so try to run the chainsaw to find out if the chain is touching anything or not. If you want to increase the speed of the engine then take a flat screwdriver and insert inside the idle speed screw and rotate it clockwise for increasing the speed and counterclockwise to return to idle speed.

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