How A Standing Desk Can Improve Your Overall Health

Have you ever walked into an office and spotted people standing at their desks, typing away? If so, you’re already somewhat familiar with standing desks. Standing desks, as the name implies, enable you to use your desk while upright as opposed to sitting in a chair. They can be purchased, custom built, or finagled from your existing setup with a bit of creative thinking (for example, setting your laptop on a box on your desk). 
Sales of proper standing desks show no sign of going down. But are standing desks just a fad, or are they better for you? Here are five intriguing ways a standing desk might actually improve your overall health.

1. Standing Desks Can Decrease Neck And Back Pain
What do office workers who sit all the time often complain about? Back pain! If you are one of the many victims of back pain caused by an uncomfortable office chair, a standing desk can probably help you.
A number of studies on workers with long-term neck and back pain have shown promising results. In one study, individuals reported a 32% reduction in back pain after numerous weeks of standing desk use. Another study found that a month of work at a sit-stand desk hybrid lowered participant back and neck pain by 54%.

2. Standing May Lower Your Risk of Heart Problem
Standing is much better for heart health and wellness than sitting, most experts agree. One study suggests that prolonged sitting time can boost the danger of a heart condition by as much as 147%! 
The good news? Standing desks can help mitigate the risk. Bus drivers who had to stand to drive their vehicle, for example, were half as likely to die from heart disease as their coworkers in another study.
If you think heading to the gym after work can make up for all the sitting, you might be wrong. Even an extreme workout might not offset the negative heart impacts of a whole day of sitting, according to further research. So, while you should still hit the gym, adding a standing desk may boost your efforts. 

3. Standing Reduces Your Risk of Weight Gain
Weight gain, a major concern for lots of folks with desk jobs, is ultimately brought on by absorbing more calories than you shed. And, simply put, standing burns more calories than sitting. 
One study showed that standing burns an additional eight calories per hour than sitting. That may not sound like much, but if you work a full-time desk job and you start spending half that time at a standing desk, that’s an additional 160 calorie burn you didn’t have before — the equivalent of a 24-minute leisurely bike ride. 

4. Standing May Help You Live Longer
Still not convinced? Researchers have identified a strong correlation between increased sitting time and sudden death. With type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease more common in long-term sitters, this should hardly come as a surprise.
A collection of 18 separate studies shows that people who sit for long periods are 49% more likely to die at a younger age than their more active counterparts. Standing desks can have a huge impact on this. Further, according to another study, lowering sitting time to three hours each day can boost the typical American’s life expectancy by two years.

Standing Desks Can Improve Your Health
Standing desks aren’t just a fad. While they aren’t a panacea for all your health woes, they can lower your risk of heart disease and obesity, reduce your back and neck pain, and even help you live longer. So, if you’ve been thinking about switching to a trendy standing desk, consider this a vote to proceed — you might just live a few extra years as a result. 
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