Honor Band 5 Can Change Your Lifestyle and Improve Health

Humen lifestyle changes a lot during the last 3 to 4 decades. This change is a positive change that makes life easy and also improves the health of an average person. It all happens because of the advancements in technology. Honor Band 5 is one such example that can change lifestyle and improve health in 2022.

Honor Band 5 is an amazing gadget that can help you in different ways. It can track your daily routine and can make a healthy schedule for you. It can be your personal trainer that can help you during the workout. Honor Band 5 can also force you to adopt healthy habits and it can also take care of your daily diet.

Let’s check the importance of Honor’s smart band 5 in detail.

Honor Band 5 Tracks Heart Rate

When it is about your health, your heartbeats per minute are very important. You should know your heart rate in order to know your health stability.

Honor Band 5 has artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and infrared technology that can read your heartbeat. It doesn’t only read your heartbeat, but read it precisely and record it as well in a graph.

The high-precision heart rate reading with 24 hours graph on the honor band 5 screen helps you to know that you are in a healthy zone.

Honor Band 5 Tracks Blood Oxygen Level

It is a good habit to keep track of your blood oxygen level at different timings of the day. If your oxygen level is not in the normal range, it can affect your heartbeat rate per minute and it also affects your health in a bad way.

Normally during the workout or when you are at a higher altitude, your oxygen level changes. SpO2 monitor tracks the blood oxygen saturation level so that you know how your body is adapting to a different altitude or while you are running or walking.

Smart Band 5 is Your Personal Trainer


You can make this Honor smart band 5 your personal trainer that can track your daily activities. You can track your workout time, the distance you covered all day long and the speed of your walking, calories you burn, your heart rate during the workout, and stride frequency as well.

All this data helps you to understand how you need to plan your workout and how much improvement you have made over a period of time.

There are different workout modes in this smart band 5 that can be used for indoor or outdoor running, cycling, swimming, outdoor walking, rowing machine activity or elliptical training activity modes.

You can even set it for your own personalized workout plan just like you can do it on Honor Watch GS Pro.

Make it Your Personal Swimming Coach

With swimming, you can improve your lifestyle and your health as well. It is a very healthy habit if you do swimming on daily basis for some time.

The good thing is that you can make Honor band 5 your personal swimming coach. You can go under the water to swim while having his beautiful personal trainer on your wrist. It will track down all the activities related to freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke, and backstroke swim styles.

Again its AI algorithm will record your speed, distance of your cover, calories your burnt, and a lot more on its graph. Honor band 5 is water-resistant up to 50M depth and it is totally safe to swim while having this smart band 5 on your wrist.

Improve Your Sleep

Better and enough sleep is very important for a healthy lifestyle. If your lifestyle is too busy and you are not getting good sleep, it will affect your daily routine and your health as well.

The TureSleep technology of Honor band 5 will help you to improve your sleep habit and provide many suggestions for a better night sleep routine.

Other Features

With all these health features, you should know other features of this smart band as well so that you can decide whether you need this or not.

It provides you with amazing watch faces for different occasions. You can connect it with your Smartphone and can install different watch faces. These customized faces provide different types of useful information in different scenarios.

It provides you AMOLED color display with 282 PPI that has great visibility in the sunlight as well. It also has a call button that can be used for quick communication by making calls.

You can control the music player as well with this Honor band 5. With that, you can also take the remote pictures by using the remot picture feature on thie smart band 5.

Honor band 5 also have a message reminder feature and it will help you to find your phone as well with its amazing phone finder feature.

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