Things You Need To Know Before Buying Earbuds

Though you can simply go to market and buy earbuds for yourself. But you can make a much better deal and get the best premium quality earbuds if you check these important things before you buy one.

Wireless Connectivity

The most important thing is how to connect your earbuds with the Smartphone. Wireless connectivity is a very useful feature for any gadget and when it comes to earbuds or earphones, it is even more important.

Everything transforming to wireless technology because dealing with the chords is not easy. Wires can create a mess in your drawer and when you need the charger wire, data cable, or wired earphones, it could be difficult and can take a lot of time to separate cables from each other.

So, when you are going to select your earbuds, try to prefer only earbuds wireless connectivity feature.

Codecs Support

Normally the very basic and normal earbuds support only the simple and common codecs. Different quality of music and audios uses different codecs. The higher quality audio uses some complicated codecs that require high-quality end devices.

SBC codec is a very basic codec that is used in normal quality music. Most of the earbuds support this codec but the higher quality music uses other codecs like AAC, LDAC, aptX, and Hi-Res aptX HD codecs.

Normally the Apple devices support only AAC codec so Apple users can go for the earbuds that support AAC codec. But if you are an Android user, then you have a wide range of devices that support Hi-Res aptX HD codecs as well.

So, before making your decision, check the earbuds’ specifications, especially the codecs they support.

Ear Tips

The size of the ear tips matters a lot. This is again one of the most important things that you should consider before you choose your wireless earbuds.

If the size of the ear tips is very small or shallow, it won’t make a proper grip in your ear and may fall down. If you want to adjust the earbuds in your ear properly, then you need to consider the size of the ear tips. These should be perfectly made a grip in your ears.

Battery Life of Earbuds


Since we are talking about wireless earbuds, so battery timing is very important. You should know the exact battery life of the earbuds for continuous use. Once earbuds are used for one charging cycle, you need to keep them back in the charging case.

Remember that you need to charge the charging case as well. Once a charging case is fully charged, it can recharge the earbuds 3 to 4 times. It totally depends on the earbuds brand you buy.

Most of the brands quote the combined battery life of earbuds after recharging them 3 to 4 times from the charging case. It means that this time will not tell you the battery life of earbuds in one use.

If 12 to 15 hours time is mentioned, it means it is a combined time and not a single time battery lifetime. Always make sure that what time is written and look for the longest battery time in a single-use.

Touch Controls

Premium quality wireless earbuds come with the touch control option. The earbuds that you buy should have very good quality touch controls. These controls should be responsive as well.

You can skip a track, can change the volume, issue a voice command or you can even attend or reject a call by using the touch control on the earbuds. Some expensive and good brands include the scanning of your fingerprints as well on the touch panel.

Whereas, low-quality and cheap earbuds don’t have these controls, which means you need to interact with the mobile when you need to perform any action related to the use of earbuds.

Earbuds Cost

In the end, the cost is also important. Always look for competitive prices in earbuds. Compare the different prices of earbuds from different brands and models. Compare the same prices with their features as well.

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