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While the home has long been where the heart is, this saying reigns truer than ever in the world since COVID-19. With the home serving as the epicenter for not just the usual meals and leisure, but for full-time work, exercise, schooling, etc., we are all looking at our homes differently. As such, we want them to be beautiful and healthy spaces. So, whether you are just looking to make a few upgrades, undergoing a full renovation, or starting from scratch, here are some things to pay attention to in the future of interior design.

In an effort to keep our homes healthy and germ-free a disinfection zone will replace the beautiful unfunctional entry. Now this does not mean you should not have a fabulous wall with a console table and mirror or a beautiful bench, but space to strip down and sanitize before entering the home will be much more common.

Indoors and Outdoors Unite

While bringing the outdoors in and a desire for muraledesign.com has been on the rise for some time now, the demand for such will surely continue to flourish in the future. Something about nature just feels so right!

Mood Enhancing by Design

Spending hours on end in the same space is a guaranteed way to determine how your environment makes you feel. Colors, shapes, textures, smells, these are all things that affect our mood. Thus designing to enhance the desired mood of each room in your home is a must.

Multi-purpose Rooms

Regardless of the size of your home people love to congregate in the kitchen, living, and dining areas. So making these rooms adaptable and functional for multiple different activities is crucial. This means having a dining room setup and kitchen supplies that don’t get in the way of socializing and other room uses. From working and studying to exercising, make these areas of your home as multi-purpose as possible.

The Home Office Becomes Fulltime

If you have space, creating a fulltime home office when working fulltime at home is more of a necessity than a desire. Pick a room, and make it work for you. Need to do lots of video conferencing? Check for good sound and lighting. And don’t forget a classy background.

A New Level of Physical Health at Home

Our homes are our havens. They must keep us safe and healthy. Thus home gyms, ample outdoor access, and high-functioning air and water filtering systems are all important elements of home design after COVID-19!

Living Sustainably & Quality Over Quantity

More time at home means higher utility bills! So who wouldn’t want to design to reduce energy consumption? Simple changes like what light bulbs you’re using to bigger investments like solar panels and better insulation can help keep home costs down.

In addition to eco-friendly home features, buying quality over quantity is becoming more of a must than a maybe. If you buy the sofa that lasts it stays out of landfills MUCH longer!

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