Easy and Quick Hairstyles With Braids for All

Braided hairstyles can sometimes be a bit intimidating. We always have the feeling that they are too difficult or that they are going to take us too long. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are some hairstyles that, even with braids, can be very very easy and we have found all the ones you need on Pinterest . We tell you how to do them step by step.

Two braids. 

As easy as dividing the hair into two parts and making a braid on each side . Depending on how skilled you are, you can make them with four ends, spike, inverted … let your imagination fly and you will see how well they look. Another fun idea is to make two root braids, like boxer braids , and then turn them into two buns.


We love the way the braided hairstyles and loose hair look, so we have selected several different types of semi-collected. You can braid the sides and join them in the center with a ponytail, transform them into a single braid and leave it loose or give it the shape of a flower … make a fine braid and place it as a headband. The possibilities are endless.

With ponytail. 

Braids look great if they are accompanied by a ponytail like ponytail lemonade braids. We really like the idea of starting to do a root braid, either French or German, and leave it halfway to turn it into a ponytail when it reaches the nape of the neck. We also love to do a root braid from the bangs to the back and collect all the hair in a low or medium ponytail or to do a normal braid and leave it unfinished.

Triple braid. 

The triple braid or trit braid looks great, you just have to make three normal braids and then braid them into one.


We love the way this braid looks because no one is expected to show up there like that. You just have to take a strand from the center back and braid it. Then make a low ponytail and make sure that the braid is right in the center of the head and that it is well visible.

German braid

The German braid is nothing more than a reverse French braid. That is, instead of adding the strands above we put them underneath so it is just as easy as the other one. Word.

German + pigtail

If you think it is too classic a hairstyle you can always leave it half and turn it into a ponytail like here. It looks great.

Dutch braid

If you have already lost your fear of the German braid, you can take the next step: the Dutch braid. Calm because it is made exactly the same as the German one, only that at the end, the ends are opened to give it more volume.

Two braids

How long have you done this hairstyle? Well, you are already seeing how easy it is and how good it can be …

Flower braid

Starting from a semi-collected with two braids (root or not) that come together at the back of the head and join in a single braid you can create this original look. When you have the braid done, roll it up on itself and secure it with some bobby pins. Then open its ends until you get this beautiful flower. We think it is an ideal hairstyle with braids for weddings (whether you are getting married or as a guest).


Here we have shared some amazing hairstyles for girls. Try these hairstyles and get a mesmerizing look. 

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