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Here’s What to Do When Your AC Is Leaking Water

Don’t get much maintenance and noticed that there are leaks coming from your AC?

Without maintenance, your AC can damage your health and finances. One of the most common AC problems that could occur from lack of care is water leaks. When your AC is leaking water, you should first find the reason and repair it as soon as possible. 

So, read on to understand what to do when there’s water leaking from your AC unit.

Clean the Condensate Drain

An AC condenser helps draws the hot air from your space, cools the air, and casts the cool air into the area. The hot air will become condensed and turns into water. Then the water gets drained through the condensate pipe and condensate drain pan of the unit. 

Common AC problems usually occur from lack of maintenance, allowing dust and dirt to clog the drain lines. To check your leaky air conditioner, the first thing you need to do is turn off and unplug the AC unit to ensure safety. Next, unscrew the access panel to locate the drain pan beneath the evaporating coils.

Make sure you inspect whether water is flowing from the pan. If that is the case, you have a clogged drainpipe. A clogged line is usually the common reason why an AC is leaking water. 

You can sponge the water, clean, and dry the pan with a cloth. You can also use a wet vacuum cleaner or high-pressure suction pump to help remove the clog in the drain channel. Next, you should clean up all the dirt, debris, and mold from the endpoint of the drain outlet located outside the home. 

To remove any stubborn dirt, pour white vinegar solution into the pipes and wait for an hour. Then, finally, run clean water to flush the drain pipe starting from the top drain. However, the ideal way is to ask for an expert in heating and AC repair to help save you time and stress from the job. 

Clean the Interior and Exterior Coils

The interior coils contain the fan and evaporator, and the exterior coils have the condenser. To prevent more air conditioner problems, you need to clean and brush these AC unit parts.

Unscrew the indoor chassis to access the fan, evaporator, and condenser coils to check the coils. Be careful when you vacuum or brush the evaporator coils, as the aluminum fins in the rings are pretty thin.

When cleaning the condenser coils and fan, use a brush to remove the grease, grime, and dirt. Use a good cleanser solution for the coils and fan and rinse with warm water. Ensure everything is dry before putting the parts back in the proper position. 

Learn What to Do When Your AC is Leaking Water

Once you detect that your AC is leaking water, the right thing to do is call an expert. You should also get regular maintenance as technicians will check and adjust any parts of your cooling unit. They will also warn you of any repair needs, including condensate and refrigerant level problems. 

Furthermore, doing essential troubleshooting can prolong your air conditioner unit’s lifespan. For more information about AC issues, and other home maintenance topics, why not browse through our collection of helpful guides!


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