Halo Infinite: ALL Skulls and how to get them

These are the locations of all the Skulls or Skulls in Halo Infinite and what you need to do to get them. Unlock all difficulty modifiers with our help.
Halo Infinite presents us with the option to get more than 100 collectibles. Like in other games, these are objects that we can collect to get various rewards. One of them is the Calaveras or the Skulls, which will allow us to activate difficulty modifiers when playing.
These are the locations of all the Skulls and the effect these trigger.

Here is the Temple of Boom.

Doubles the blast radius.

Obtained during Gbraakon Warship. Look at that wall and use the scanner. When you get to the long room with the pistons going up to the right, you will see a yellow object behind the wall.
You must get on the piston when it rises and thus reach the point where the Skull is.


Because we needed more Cencerro Increases the acceleration of explosions.
Obtained during Foundations. Advance to the part of the sequence with the AI. Shortly after, you will face a group of enemies (behind the area with the holograms of people).


Because it wasn’t hard enough, enemies had more health.
Obtained during The Command Tower. Start by progressing through the mission to the point where you see the towers horizontally across the firewalls.

Grunt Birthday Party

Is it a methane thing? Grunt headshots lead to glorious celebrations.
This Skull is obtained during Warehouse. This is quite a long process – follow the quest guide to get it. The said process begins after the sequence with Escharum on the bridge, after using the console, and ends shortly after seeing the ships from a window.


This Skull is obtained during the Auditorium of Silence. You have to reach the end of the level without killing any Sentinels. Look to the right before using the last elevator to find her.

Lightning Storm

Ascents for all. Improves the range of most enemies.
This Skull is in the area north of BOA Juliet. It is on a column. It has no loss.


They could be anywhere. Deactivate the motion sensor.
This Skull appears southwest of BOA Alpha. When you reach the marker, you drop down the cliff and aim up from under the icon. You will be able to climb to a platform between the part on the ridge and the top where the Skull is.


This Skull is to the west of BOA Hotel and south of BOA Golf, in the crack that divides the southwest and south zones. You have to be on the east side of the rift and look south at the indicated point.

If you’re right there, you’ll see the platform we pointed to. You have to get to it using the hook. You will find a corridor where the Skull is.


Did he say what I think he said? Weird combat dialogue becomes more common.
It is obtained right after finishing Recovery / The Tower. As soon as you exit the area where you fight the boss on the ramp, look up. You have to start by hooking onto one of the sides and climbing.

Once there, go up the ramp. The objective is to hit the hook on the outer edge of the upper platform, more or less at a point like the one you see in this image:


What was given is over! Weapons dropped by enemies have half the standard ammo.
This Skull is on an island in the extreme east-southeast of the map, southeast of BOA November.

Black eye

You have to be forceful. Your shields only recharge when melee attacking the enemy.
This Skull is in the southern part of the map, northeast of BOA Kilo and southeast of BOA Juliet.
When you get to the point we pointed to, you should be in front of a waterfall, at the foot of it. Well, using this image as a reference, you must use the hook to sneak into a hole behind the water.


Hold this for us. Enemies throw more grenades.
This Skull is in the far northwest corner of the map, northwest of the Tremonius Outpost quest point.


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