Golden Makeup Rules For Every Bride To Be!

A wedding day is considered the most important and the most photographed day of your entire life. You’ve probably dreamt of having the perfect wedding dress, wedding makeup, and photographs. There are so many important things to be considered before your wedding day that your bridal makeup tends to take a back seat, but let’s face it – your bridal makeup look can make or break your entire wedding look. Therefore, it is extremely important to prioritize your makeup look for the big day. 

As far as your wedding makeup is concerned, all you brides obviously want to avoid as many makeup blunders as possible, right? No need to stress over it we’ve got you covered by curating 10 golden rules when it comes to wedding makeup for all you brides.  

  • Consider Your Wedding Season

To make your bridal makeup stand out and look absolutely flawless on your special day, you must consider the season you are getting married in since makeup sits differently on every bride and in every season. All the top makeup artists from Chandigarh will suggest you go dewy with your foundation in the winters and matte in the summers. It also depends on where your wedding is taking place, indoors or outdoors and in day time or night time. Consider this one of the most important factors because without keeping this in mind, even the most perfect makeup on the planet would turn into a blunder. 

  • Go For A Makeup Trial

Most of the top makeup artists offer a bridal makeup trial before your wedding day. Do yourself a favor and get a makeup trial done instead of risking doing everything 2 hours before you marry the love of your life. Having a makeup trial is important even for the best makeup artist out there since it spares you all the last-minute drama. Another benefit of getting a makeup trial is that you’ll end up feeling happy and confident since you’ve already known that the bridal look is working for you and you are turning heads on your wedding day. 

  • Choose A Lipstick You Feel Comfortable with In

Lips are very important when it comes to makeup. Any makeup artist would suggest you take your time and try on all the possible lip shades to know whether or not you feel comfortable wearing that shade for long hours at your wedding. The bride being uncomfortable always shows and it takes away from pretty the bride is looking.  

  • Waterproof Everything

Make waterproof products your new best friend on your wedding day. Sweating is inevitable to some extent on your wedding day and sweating means melting down your stunning makeup. Sounds like a nightmare, right? Therefore, waterproofing your makeup is the golden rule when it comes to your wedding makeup. 

  • Balance Your Look!

Balancing your look is the key to perfect-looking bridal makeup. If you’re opting for a smokey eye look, the best makeup artist would suggest you go lighter on the base and opt for a nude lip shade. Even if you choose to go for a bold lip, your makeup artist would suggest you go for a lighter base. 

  • Find The Perfect Match

Your foundation shade should be the perfect match for your skin tone and the tone of your neck. You don’t want your bridal makeup to look different on your neck and your face as it will photograph like your worst dream.

  • Keep A Few Products Handy

Keeping a few products handy throughout your wedding day is the right trick. Blotting papers, compact powder, lipsticks, etc helps you keep your makeup looking fresh and hence helps you retain the bridal glow all day. 

When it comes to your wedding day, you need to remember that all eyes are going to be on you and hence you must make sure you’re looking like the best version of yourself.   So, go ahead and bookmark these holy grail lists of golden rules and look like you’re just out of a Bollywood movie. 

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