Get Summer Pool Party Ready

Summer is on the horizon and it’s time for you to put that pool that you sank so much money into to good use. That’s right, you have to start planning your summer pool parties.

You can’t just remove your pool cover and invite people over, though. You need to complete some summer pool maintenance and pool care before you start inviting guests for fun in the sun.

We’re here to talk about how to prepare your pool and patio for your pool parties. Read on to learn more.

Clean the Pool

First thing’s first: you need to clean your pool (and test your water quality) before it’s ready for the long and fun summer ahead. Your pool has been sitting stagnant for months, so get in there and clean!

First, make sure that you’ve removed all debris from your pool. It’s not uncommon for leaves, pine needles, and even rocks to find their way into the pool when you’re not using it.

Then, make sure that your filters are clean and replace them if necessary.

If the water isn’t clear, make sure that you clean the filters every day until it is. Once you’ve done this, you shouldn’t have to do a full deep-clean of your filters until at least mid-summer (if not longer).

It’s a good idea to get your pool water professionally tested. Many swimming pool stores will do this for free.

Clean the Patio

Now that your pool is clean, it’s time to conquer your patio. Unless you plan on having your guests spend all of their time in the pool, you have to make sure that there’s somewhere for them to go!

Again, start by removing debris. If there’s any overgrowth from winter, remove it. Now that spring has sprung and the weather is nice, you likely have some weeding and gardening to do in your patio area.

Look for any dangerous cracks in your patio. If you have a deck instead of a patio, make sure that there’s no wood or nails sticking out that could hurt someone who’s running around with bare feet!

Tuck away everything that you won’t need during the summer. You want to clear out some room!

Make Sure the Pool Area Is Safe

We already touched on a few things that can make your pool area unsafe. Cracks in decks and patios are problematic, but they’re not the only things that you have to consider when it comes to pool safety.

You want to protect the area around your pool with a product from a company like LayorCare. Their non-slip treatments work well even when the patio is wet. While you shouldn’t be running around near the pool anyway, having that extra layer of protection will make a huge difference.

Make sure that you have a fence up around your pool and that the fence is in good condition. This will ensure that no animals or people get into your pool that shouldn’t be there (which protects them and you).

If you have children (or there will be children attending your summer pool parties), it’s a good idea to have a camera pointing at your pool so you can keep an eye on everyone at all times, even when you can’t be outside to watch.

Create the Perfect Relaxation Area

This is the perfect time to revamp your patio and make it into the perfect poolside retreat. Create a comfortable and relaxing space for people to enjoy when they’re drying off in the sun!

Make sure that you have enough patio furniture to entertain guests. Make your patio just as comfortable as your living room by picking the right furniture.

Choose furniture with water-resistant materials. Untreated wood and soft fabrics aren’t good choices. You want to make sure that if someone sits on your patio couch in a wet bathing suit, they won’t cause any damage!

Set up some lighting around your patio. This will add ambiance and ensure that your pool area is safe for late-night pool parties. We recommend having a few ground lights around the pool (if your pool is large) as well as some lights around the patio itself.

String lights are perfect for any pool party. They add whimsy and a soft glow to any outdoor space, and they’re affordable.

If you have room, finish up the space with a fire pit. It’s perfect for when you want to dry off and warm up after a late-night swim.

Set Up Your Outdoor Kitchen and/or Dining Area

Speaking of getting warm around a fire, do you have somewhere that you can eat and cook during your pool party? If you have room, set up an outdoor kitchen that’s perfect for entertaining.

Most people can’t afford or fit a full galley-style outdoor kitchen in their outdoor space, but at the very least, we recommend setting up a good grill and some counter space.

An outdoor bar makes a great addition to any poolside area as well, especially if you host parties frequently.

Aside from a place to prepare food, make sure that you have a suitable dining area. Sure, your guests can eat on lounge chairs on the patio, but wouldn’t it be better to set up a nice dining table with some shade?

This way, when people are tired from swimming, they can grab a snack and protect themselves from the sun until they’re ready to get back into the water.

Buy Your Summer Pool Party Supplies

Do you already have fun pool toys and plenty of towels? It’s time to get to the store! Make sure that you have everything that you’ll need for a fun and safe pool party.

We recommend picking up:

  • A first-aid kit
  • Large beach towels
  • Plenty of sunscreen
  • Pool inflatables
  • fun pool games

What else do you need for your pool party?

It’s Time to Prepare for Your Summer Pool Party

With all of these things in mind, it’s time to get ready for your summer pool parties. Start cleaning the pool, tidying the patio, and making your outdoor area a perfect party hang-out!

It’s time to have fun in the sun.

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