Forming Good Habits: 6 Tips for Child Dental Care

42% of kids have signs of tooth decay in their baby teeth. Luckily, though, they’ll get a fresh start when their adult teeth grow in. However, it’s vital to establish proper oral care habits to maintain that set.

If you start early enough, you can prevent tooth decay in your little one’s baby teeth. That’s why child dental clinics in Ewa beach should get introduced in infancy as soon as the first tooth comes in.

So, how can you help your kid have a healthy smile? Keep reading for 6 tips.

1. Brush Twice Daily

The best starting point is brushing twice daily. Teach your child to do it when they wake up and again before bed. You might encourage it after eating sugary or salty snacks, too.

Brushing is critical in dental care for children because it eliminates plaque and bacteria, which would otherwise damage their teeth. It also gets rid of food debris.

2. Limit Their Sugar Intake

Sugar destroys teeth because it feeds the bacteria in our mouths, allowing it to weaken tooth enamel and cause cavities to develop. That’s why you should limit your kid’s sugar intake. An occasional sweet treat is acceptable, but constant sugary snacks disrupt child dental hygiene.

3. Make Dental Care for Kids Rewarding

Sometimes, when establishing habits, it helps to set up rewards as incentives. Getting your child to practice proper dental care is no different!

Reward your little one with a sticker each day they remember to brush their teeth twice. After so many days in a row of success, take them out for a treat or give them an award certificate.

4. Visit the Dentist Regularly

Be sure to bring your child to the dentist every 6 months once their first tooth starts growing. They’ll get a thorough cleaning and an exam to ensure their teeth are healthy. Read more here for additional information about your little one’s first dental office visit.

5. Floss at Least Once Daily

Flossing is just as essential in oral care for children as brushing. It prevents plaque buildup and removes food debris their toothbrush missed. So, encourage your child to floss at least once per day.

There are different tools they can try for the job, too. Traditional floss works well but can be difficult for little hands to use. Floss picks, or a water flosser, might be better alternatives.

6. Set a Positive Example for Them

Remember, your little one is always watching what you do. As the parent, you’re like a model for appropriate behavior. To instill proper child dental hygiene habits, you need to set an example for them.

Let your kid see you brush your teeth in the morning and night. Show them how you floss. Once they see that you do it regularly, they’ll be more interested in it for themselves.

Establish These Child Dental Care Habits

Oral hygiene is necessary because, after your baby teeth, you only get one set of pearly whites. Help your little one keep theirs healthy by teaching them all about child dental care! Use these tips so you can establish good habits early.

Do you have additional questions about dental hygiene for children? Get the answers you need on our website.


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