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Flooring Favorites: Your Go-To Guide to the Types of Flooring

Did you know that roughly 22 million Americans pursue some type of home remodeling project? If you’ve been contemplating an update, now is the time to jump in. Refreshing the floors in your kitchen, living room, or bedroom can be a good place to start. 

Stick around to find a go-to guide to help you investigate the best types of flooring!

Choose Vinyl for Value

Vinyl flooring remains a classic choice when it comes to different types of flooring. For starters, it’s among the more inexpensive options. Vinyl comes in rolls, tiles, and planks, and it can be installed easily.

Choose vinyl flooring with a thicker wear layer for greater durability. You can expect a urethane finish on many types of vinyl that won’t require you to polish it. 

To step up the look of vinyl, go with a luxury vinyl plank (LVP). This type of flooring offers a more sophisticated look that mimics hardwood. Turn to https://grandrapidsflooring.com/vinyl-flooring/ when you’re ready to find the right vinyl flooring for your needs!

Consider Hardwoods

You can’t go wrong with hardwood floors. Hardwood planks provide unparalleled warmth and they can match just about any interior design aesthetic. With so many types and stains available, choosing one might be the toughest part of your process.

Keep in mind that hardwood is expensive — but it lasts a long time. White oak, for instance, can go 20 years before needing to be refinished. And because it’s naturally light, you can stain it in a wider range of colors. 

Try Tile for a Change

Tile is one of the best types of floor to use in a bathroom or another space prone to dampness. That’s because options like porcelain or ceramic provide a waterproof barrier on your floors.

Give ceramic tile a try for a softer approach to tile that will feel good under your feet. Go with porcelain if you want a little more longevity. Neither option will gouge your budget and you’ll have lots of aesthetic choices.

You can find tile that looks rustic and appears to be like stone, for instance. And it could last well over 50 years!

Investigate Carpeting Options

Carpet is a great choice if you’re searching for an option that’s easy on your feet and relatively inexpensive. You can create a warm and welcoming space that’s ideal for sitting on the floor.

Just be aware that not all carpets are alike. Wool and nylon are some of the most durable fibers that can ward off stains and wear from kids or pets. For areas where you won’t have as much foot traffic, use polyester or polypropylene.

Be sure to look into the height of the pile, too. You may want a higher cut pile for more durable floors. 

Explore Different Types of Flooring

A smart homeowner will investigate different types of flooring before committing to one. Go with hardwoods or a vinyl plank for a traditional and stately look. But don’t overlook carpet or tile as more cost-effective flooring types that will stand the test of time. 

Find more home improvement ideas to update your living quarters. Check back soon for new and informative articles!


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