Five Reasons to Buy Body Armor

Did you know that every day in the United States, approximately 321 people are shot? From this number one person is shot unintentionally and killed. In this dangerous and unpredictable world, how do you protect yourself and your family?

One way is with the use of high-quality body armor. Read on as we discuss why you should buy body armor.

1. Living in a Dangerous Neighborhood

All it takes is a rise in unemployment or budget cuts, and whole cities can be transformed. Crime can rise quickly, and before you know it, your once pleasant neighborhood may be riddled with drugs, guns, and gang crime. In these instances, moving home is not always an option.

If you live in a dangerous neighborhood, then civilian body armor can help protect you. Even if you don’t walk around, you may get robbed going to and from your car. Wearing it allows you to stay safe and with the right armor, many people will not even realize that you are wearing it at all.

2. Hunting and Sport

There were already thousands of American citizens who hunted recreationally. When the pandemic occurred, this number rose as people tried to reconnect to the great outdoors. This means your once quiet and idyllic hunting grounds can be filled with others doing the same thing.

With so many people around, missed shots can come very close if people do not know you are around. If you are both hunting the same animal, this danger increases. Protection from accidental shots is one of the main reasons to have body armor.

As well as this, you can take a lot of knocks yourself. You may take a fall and injure yourself. If you have failed to kill your hunt, you want to be protected it bucks or kicks when you go near.

3. Work

There are several professions in which body armor for civilians can be extremely useful. In many cases, it can be worn under a uniform so it looks like you are not wearing it at all. Visit Nextdayarmor.com to see some of the best items available on the market.

If you ever have to take money to the bank, then body armor is essential. While many people choose to get a security firm to do this for them, others still do it themselves.

All it takes is for someone who has observed your working pattern to see you are an easy target. Protective body armor can prevent you from serious injury if stabbed or shot.

You may have a job that involves driving. Perhaps you are delivering food or being a courier. Even taxi drivers may come under attack.

Working in a financial institution, such as a bank or post office can also be dangerous. There is no law on wearing body armor in either of these workplaces. Should your workplace get attacked and robbed, body armor may save your life.

Other places you may work can include courthouses where there are lots of criminals. Even schools can be targeted for attacks, so teachers and educational workers may choose to wear them.

4. For Home Defense

Everyone has the right to protect their home. While many people in the US choose to do this by purchasing a gun, it is an offensive weapon and not a defensive move. Body armor will protect you if anyone decides to enter your home and shoot, providing valuable time so you can get out of the building or call the police.

In some cases, you may even know the person attacking. Perhaps you are getting threats from an ex that the police are not dealing with. Body armor can give you valuable peace of mind.

If you do own a firearm, then it makes even more sense to get body armor. High-caliber modern weapons can put bullets through walls, so even shooting outside the home can cause problems within.

5. Protection at Public Events

It is a sad case, but many public events are now dangerous places to be. With serious underfunding in the police force and private security costing a premium, many of them are easy targets. Music festivals, sporting events, and political rallies are just a few.

For these events, you would need something lightweight and easy to wear. If you are standing for long periods, you don’t want to be weighed down and freedom of movement is a priority.

What to Consider When Choosing Body Armor

When choosing body armor, there are three main factors you should take into account. These are protection, fit, and the level of mobility.

The first, protection, dictates how much body armor can repel. For example, if you worry about knife crime alone, you don’t need something that has to protect you from heavy bullets. Every country has its systems in place for rating levels of protection.

After this, make sure you get the right fit and comfort. If you are wearing it for long periods you need to feel relaxed and unburdened.

Finally, the level of mobility is the next factor. If you are sitting in the cab of a vehicle, this may be less of an issue. But for anyone moving around, such as security guards and hunters, then this is important.

Buy Body Armor

Now that you know how and why you should buy body armor, don’t leave it too late. Hopefully, you will never need it. Should the body armor get damaged, don’t hesitate to replace it.

If you found this article informative, we have many more. From body armor to home security, we have everything to keep you and your family protected in the coming year.


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