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Fibrex Windows – The Best Way To Beat the Heat In Summer

Did you know that, on average, 67,512 U.S. emergency department (ED) visits occur yearly due to heat? Close to 10,000 people also end up hospitalized because of sweltering temperatures. Even worse, hundreds of people succumb to heat-related illnesses.

While most of those incidents occur outdoors, they can also happen indoors. For instance, in homes without air conditioners or a defective AC (i.e., it’s not blowing cold air).

However, defective windows can worsen things by allowing even more heat to enter a home.

Sounds familiar? If so, it might be time to switch to Fibrex windows.

In this guide, we’ll explain the benefits of Fibrex and why they’re a worthy investment. So keep reading to learn how these window replacement options can help you beat the heat and save energy.

Provides Outstanding Protection Against Heat Transfer

Andersen, Fibrex’s maker, says the material is 700 times more insulating than aluminum. According to the company, that’s thanks to its low thermal conductivity ratio.

Thermal conductivity, in turn, is the rate at which heat passes through an object. The higher the ratio, the more heat that flows through the material. Likewise, heat also passes through it at a faster rate.

By contrast, the lower an object’s thermal conductivity ratio is, the less heat it allows to pass. Therefore, the lower its thermal conductivity, the higher its thermal insulating property.

Since Fibrex has a low thermal conductivity ratio, it has high insulating properties. That’s how it can protect your home against heat transfer from the sun and hot outdoor air. As a result, it helps keep warmth out so your home can stay comfy and cool.

Efficiency That Meets ENERGY STAR Qualifications

ENERGY STAR is a government-backed program helping consumers save money on energy-efficient products. In addition, it makes it easier for people to determine if a product is energy-efficient. It does so by awarding its label to goods that meet its energy-efficient guidelines.

Windows are among those in the exclusive ENERGY STAR product list. However, for them to qualify, they must go through stringent testing and certification. They then only make it to the list if they prove that they meet the U.S. EPA’s strict energy-efficiency guidelines.

Many Andersen products, in turn, are part of the ENERGY STAR Certified list. That includes Fibrex since it’s in the company’s Renewal, 100, and A-Series product lines.

Moreover, you can find Andersen’s energy-efficient windows in all climate zone lists. That means they meet the ENERGY STAR criteria from the north to the south zones.

So wherever in the U.S. you may be, you can rest assured that Fibrex windows can help you save on energy. For the same reason, you can expect them to help keep the warmth out while helping your home stay cool in the summer.

Much More Durable Than Vinyl

According to Renewal by Andersen contractors, Fibrex has twice the strength of vinyl. One of the chief reasons behind that is that these windows consist of 40% natural wood composite. As a result, they come with a guaranteed resistance to bending, fading, flaking, or warping.

That durability helps keep Fibrex windows intact and less prone to leaks.

That’s a feature you want, as problems like bending and warping can give rise to broken seals and drafts. Such issues, in turn, allow unwanted outdoor air and heat into a building. From there, they can raise your home’s indoor temperature.

When that happens, your air conditioner has to work harder to keep the indoor air cool. That increased workload then translates to higher energy bills. Over time, it can also cause your AC to develop premature wear and tear.

At the same time, conditioned indoor air from your AC can escape to the outdoors from faulty windows. That’s a complete waste of energy, not to mention cooling dollars.

So for longer-lasting replacement windows that help reduce heat gains, go with Fibrex.

Multi-Glazing for Increased Energy Efficiency

Glazing is another technique that increases the insulating property of a window. The more glazing layers, the higher the levels of energy efficiency a window has.

Single-glazing was all the rage until the introduction of double-glazing in the 1950s. Double-glazed, or double-paned windows, then became more popular in the 1970s. One reason for the latter’s rise in fame is their greater energy efficiency.

Double-glazed windows are more energy-efficient because they feature two glass panes. In addition, most models have insulating gas pumped between the glass layers. That gas, often argon, prevents even more heat from penetrating indoors.

Fortunately, Fibrex windows are available in double-paned options. You can even get them in triple-glazing variants!

Triple-paned windows are even more energy efficient than double-glazed ones. After all, they have three layers of glass and two sections filled with insulating gas. As a result, they can block even more heat than their double-paned counterparts.

A More Sustainable, Lower-Cost Option

According to Andersen, Fibrex contains 40% reclaimed wood fiber by weight. Much of that recycled material comes from the company’s wood window manufacturing facilities.

Why does that matter to you, though?

Well, for starters, products made of recycled materials usually cost less. One reason is that they use components that are already available. As a result, they have less need for raw materials that still require harvesting.

For the same reason, Fibrex is a more sustainable option due to its recycled content. So by choosing this, you’re also doing the environment some good. Plus, you get to spend less on new but highly energy-efficient windows.

Invest in Fibrex Windows Today

And there you have it, your guide on how Fibrex windows can help you beat the heat. Now you know it’s due to their low thermal conductivity and impressive insulation. You also learned they’re so energy efficient they’re ENERGY STAR rated.

Best of all, these Andersen windows are eco-friendlier, thanks to their recycled content. All that should be enough reason to consider going with Fibrex if you need new windows.

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