Face Verification Solution- the Ultimate Solution to Prevent Identity Fraud

Criminals are using sophisticated ways to commit fraud. Business flows are badly affected. However, face verification solutions provide utmost security to stop such happenings.

Face Verification Solution

Online face verification has become the most significant component of the biometrics technology market and has a viable role in global digitalization. Due to the brilliant success of biometric technology, facial verification systems are thriving and are growing faster than expected.

Facial biometric technology

Facial biometric technology has gained enough attention with massive investments being made and the technology getting more exposure as well as becoming mature. Therefore, the use of this technology is increasing. Due to the coronavirus, it’s becoming a digital business necessity nowadays.

Facial recognition popularity is insightful for the tech companies as the demand for this technology is increasing, it’s becoming a financial blessing for them. Tech businesses are using artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep neural networks, and computer vision core concepts that allow the cameras to match the images against the images placed in the databases. Additionally, such solutions maximize the security measures as no one can bypass this verification system.

Face verification – future of biometric technology

Using biometric technology, SaaS providers have come up with face verification systems. Such systems are capable of identifying the customers’ identities from images and videos. The recognized face is matched with the facial imprint on the government-issued identity documents that the client has provided to the system.

Compared with the commonly utilized biometric technology which includes iris scanning, fingerprint scanning, and retina scanning, facial recognition has become more prominent and has become a centre of attraction. This technology is widespread in industries and businesses in an innovative way that was only seen in sci-fi movies.

But now with the tiring efforts, it’s becoming reality and part of our lives. Due to its fruitful opportunities, the business holders are deliberately employing this solution for a seamless customer onboarding process.

How does facial biometric verification work?

  • Capture- In the first step, the samples of physical or behavioral conditions of the customer are obtained during the prescribed time period
  • Extraction- once the samples are collected, the information is extracted and templates are developed on basis of gathered information
  • Comparison- when the templates are created, then they are compared with the pre excited templates placed in the database
  • Matching- the last step involved in face verification is to make a decision on the basis of a facial feature match. If the current template is perfectly matched the customer is verified. This whole process usually takes seconds to verify the client

Industrial Use Cases of Face Verification

E-commerce Industry

Digital shopping platforms are the primary targets of fraudsters. The risk of digital fraud and payment scams is unfortunately high in the e-commerce business. Such platforms’ security measures are not so impressive and have various gaps in between them through which the criminals tend to exploit the system. Therefore, the online marketplaces are employing online face recognition services to prevent financial crimes.

Once the customer is done with the shopping and proceeds to do a transaction, they undergo face verification in order to get themself authenticated to perform a transaction. This will definitely prevent suspicious transactions. Moreover, age verification is also a use case of facial biometric technology. The correct age of the customers is also determined if they want to seek age-oriented products.

Health and Medical Industry

Identity verification has viable importance for healthcare businesses. The risk of fake insurance claims and fake identities is always the overhead of medical care institutions. To tackle such suspicious activities digital solutions are the need of the hour. These solutions can secure the health department and pull off fraudsters from the grounds. The health professionals utilize their energy and precious time in maintaining the patients’ sensitive information records, which can bear any risk of breaches.

Therefore they are backed with face verification services, in order to access them or to alter the records. Now that valuable time is used for the emergency cases hence the productivity increases, all thanks to biometric technology. Additionally, hospitals and insurance companies can now identify the true identities of patients using face biometric recognition technology. Thus, no room is provided to the fraudsters.

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Entertainment industry

Social media and digital gaming platforms are now introducing ultra transparency in their systems by deploying face biometric technology. Additionally, face verification provides the feature of verifying age, which was much needed for the platform intended to provide age-restricted games as well as social platforms like dating sites. It’s mandatory for the customer to perform face verification every time they have to login into the system. This effectively prevents identity and financial fraud.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, the effectiveness of facial recognition technology has made it the centre of attraction. The promising results have made their way to every industry and digital business, face verification solutions are boosting up cybersecurity measures and are a beneficial approach to terminate criminal activities.

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